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Adam Boyes From Iron Galaxy Studios Really Wants To Port Monster Hunter World To Switch

Adam Boyes, who was previously with PlayStation but is now CEO of Iron Galaxy Studios, really wants Monster Hunter World to come to the Nintendo Switch. So much so that he has asked on Twitter if he and his team could have the chance of porting the massive new Monster Hunter title to Nintendo’s latest console.

31 thoughts on “Adam Boyes From Iron Galaxy Studios Really Wants To Port Monster Hunter World To Switch”

    1. I heard they fucked up a number of game ports. Even I wouldn’t trust them even if they do get green light to port World. They’ll just ruin it and make the Switch look like an incapable system.

      1. Yeah, theyre the ones behind the Batman Arkham Knight (pc) fiasco, but that was in 2015 though. Theyre also the ones that ported Skyrim to the switch, so its not all bad.

  1. Oh, those guys who seriously screwed up Batman Arkham Knight so bad on PC that WB said everyone could have a refund no matter how much you had played it, and said the game would never really work and couldn’t be patched.
    Same guys who ported Borderlands to Vita and the framerate was like a PowerPoint presentation at times? Yeah, let those guys handle it.

              1. Personally I can’t go back to something like XX now after playing MHW almost every day since launch xP I want to play other stuff, but World is too good.

                  1. Xbox One can’t really run the game. I’ve seen a friend of my playing it and sometimes I think to my self “Did the game just freeze?”. A port to Switch must be hard to achieve

                    1. It’s Xbox first MH game, of course it wouldn’t be optimized yet. But one patch should fix it. Switch port would take time and work but not impossible. If Doom and Dark Souls made it to the Switch, then MHW has a chance. Also, look at Rime which is CPU intensive for some strange reason for a cel shade game. It was patched up eventually.

                      1. Well, it’s still MT Framework but I guess. The PS4 version freezes as well – just not as bad. And Xbox One X has the best version by far :P
                        Didn’t know it was CPU heavy. Does that include the PC-version as well?

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