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The Chicken Wiggle Nintendo Switch Kickstarter Is Now Live

Jools Watsham’s Chicken Wiggle sadly failed to take off on the Nintendo 3DS due to the launch of the Nintendo Switch. Watsham wants to give the game a second chance and release it on Nintendo’s newest system. The project is on Kickstarter and waiting to be backed. The team would like £21,677 and there’s additional stretch goals. Have a look, here.

Chicken Wiggle Workshop is a port of the Nintendo 3DS game, with new HD artwork. Don’t worry retro fans, you’ll be able to toggle between HD and retro visuals! And yes, all of the levels created on Nintendo 3DS will be playable on Nintendo Switch in glorious new HD artwork!

“Workshop” has been added to the title to highlight the fantastic level editor and sharing tools featured at the heart of the game.

7 thoughts on “The Chicken Wiggle Nintendo Switch Kickstarter Is Now Live”

    1. I think that’s the point of the Kickstarter. The devs blamed the Switch launch for its failure on the 3DS, so this is them trying to see if there is interest in it on the Switch.

    2. Yes me. Do you base the quality of everything on how much it sells? I’d expect someone who calls themselves demigod to have a bit more of a wider viewpoint than that

  1. I was interested in this game as it looked really cute but not enough to boot up my 3ds and download it at the time. Was hoping it would come to switch so fingers crossed it makes it’s goal.

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