Nintendo Switch

HORI Set To Release A Nintendo Switch USB Hub Stand

Renowned Nintendo Switch peripheral manufacturer HORI has confirmed today that its set to release a Nintendo Switch USB hub stand. The stand charges your Nintendo Switch and also adds four USB ports which allows you to connect a variety of peripherals which you can use on the move such as Classic Controllers, GameCube Adaptors or a keyboard. The HORI Nintendo Switch USB hub stand is due to be released in May.


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  1. It wouldn’t make sense to not be a dock. I also don’t see any need for a USB dock when wireless is the way to go.

    Personally I bought one of those mini docks off Amazon and is the size of a thick credit card that fits perfectly in my travel case.


  2. Meh. I’d still rather play on my big screen TV. Is that projector thing for Switch USB by chance? If so, I guess this travel dock would be a great idea for others. For me, that’s too much shit to carry just to play anywhere at any time.


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