Nintendo Switch

Another World Nintendo Switch Announcement Teaser Trailer

Acclaimed title Another World is destined to come to the Nintendo Switch. The action platformer will be released this spring on Nintendo’s latest console and should prove to be a hit with fans once it’s on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Publisher Dotemu have released an announcement teaser trailer for the game which you can view below.



  1. Another port. *shrug* I’m not as bothered by ports as others are, though.

    Anyway, I wonder if this game was inspired by the Cthulu Mythos because I don’t know why but I get a similar vibe from this as I do Cthulu Mythos or Cthulu Mythos inspired stuff.


  2. I’ve played it 25 years or so (Amiga), it was obviously striking, but it’s a pretty rough gameplay today. Don’t know if it will be a success. Anyway the first ‘cinematics’ in actual gameplay that I remember. ^^
    This game is iconic.


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