Nintendo Switch

Platinum’s Kamiya Demands Nintendo Switch Virtual Console And Regular D-Pad Joy-Cons

Outspoken Platinum Games developer Hideki Kamiya has taken to Twitter as usual but this time he’s demanding that Nintendo announce a Nintendo Switch Virtual Console and also a regular D-Pad for the system’s Joy-Cons. He says if his demands aren’t taken seriously he’s considering canceling Bayonetta 3, ha. Here’s what he said:



  1. I’m still hoping that someone will find a way to fix the original Pro Controller’s D-pad. It’s close to unplayable in some games, which is shame, since the controller itself is wonderful.

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  2. Well there goes our chznces are Bayonetta 3 :( unless Kamiya decides to back down. A Virtual Console is not happening. Instead Nintendo is giveing us there classic titles upgraded with online features such as multiplayer with subscription to there online services! Haveing a Virtual Console along side that would be counter productive.


    1. I thought Reggie said that virtual console is coming? It’s just that they are looking for a new way to implement it outside of what was already announced with the subscription games.


    2. I don’t see how it’d be counter productive. Virtual Console is basically emulated games (basically direct ports) made to work on the newest Nintendo hardware while these classic titles (they’ve only mentioned NES & SNES games) will be remakes in a sense with added online multiplayer; they are effectively two different things.


  3. Virtual Console must be very good at the start. We’ve waited so long already. They will make loads of money with it. It better have NES to GCN from the start. I also don’t mind the buttons instead of the D Pad but wouldn’t mind the change.


  4. Why does everyone care about a cross-shaped d-pad so much? That would ruin single-joy con multiplayer. Plus, separated buttons are a lot more accurate than the crappy d-pad on the pro controller…


  5. This guy. This guy is awesome. He doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks. We should ALL learn a thing or two from this guy.


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