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Nintendo Has Filed Patent For Donkey Konga Drums And Keyboard For Nintendo Switch

It seems as though Donkey Konga could be coming to the Nintendo Switch complete with accompanying drums and keyboard. There’s a variety of patent images which have been published on Reset Era courtesy of member Rosti. Take a look below:

“On August 28, 2017, Nintendo Co., Ltd. filed in the US via the United States Patent and Trademark Office a patent application for an INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM, EXTENDED INPUT SYSTEM, AND INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD. This patent concerns extended input devices for use with Nintendo Switch. Examples are Donkey Konga drums and a keyboard. Inventor is Hitoshi Yamazaki who has seventeen other patents with Nintendo (some together with Shigeru Miyamoto). Below is abstract, selected excerpts and of course drawings.”




  1. That’s pretty crazy. I still have two sets of bongos that came with donkey konga and jungle beat

  2. Holy shit, that drawing is DK Barrel Blast! I forgot all about that game, it was supposed to make use of the DK Bongos but ended up being moved over to the Wii instead.

  3. imagine that a keyboard you press letters and they appear on the tv screen


  4. Reset era just reveal it now to make speculation happen, but this is hardly something that hype the people who are looking for a DKC or a 3D DK.

  5. Omg omg please Nintendo! Bandai Namco was set on making games for Switch a long time ago and said there was some in development. Could it be the 4th Donkey Konga Game? I recently a acquired 4 of these drums it’s a blast on the GameCube with everyone šŸ™‚šŸ˜Š.

        1. What a herb. Donkey Kong was a fondly remembered GameCube game. Plus what the fuck is a “serious game”? You seriously think a game has to lack depth just because of the method of control?

                1. How about the fact that it got two sequels?

                  What about the fact that it won best Innovation at GDC2005?

                  On a separate but related note, the series that Donkey Konga was based off of, Taiko no Tatsujin, is still getting sequels to this day.

                  I love how all of sudden you care about numbers but every other time I bring up numbers or ask you show that you know what you’re talking about, you always peace out lol

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