Nintendo Switch

Here’s A Look At The Mario Tennis Aces Box Art

The Mario Tennis Aces for Nintendo Switch box-art has been published online by online retailer Rakuten and it looks extremely nice. The retailer has also revealed that Rosalina, Peach, and Yoshi, will be playable characters in the upcoming Nintendo Switch title. The retailer has penciled the game in with a June 22nd release date. We should hear more information about the game in the Nintendo Direct which takes place this evening.


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  1. Hopefully this outing will be more of what the N64 & GAMECUBE brought. The Wii U Mario Tennis really left me disappointed.
    Give me tons of modes, options, an adventure mode & quality online especially!!

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  2. I was never that interested in the mario sports games, but this one has me pretty excited.
    The new story mode is a very cool feature. It is something that should be more prevalent in more simple games like mario kart.


  3. Peach, Rosalina, & a few others in Tennis skirts… Mmm… Oh wait! I don’t need this game to see that stuff. *passes*


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