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Check Out The Nintendo NY Crowd’s Live Reaction To The Smash Switch Reveal

You may recall earlier that we informed you that Nintendo NY was hosting a Nintendo Direct viewing at their store. Well, a crowd did, indeed, show up. And the cameras were rolling as Super Smash Bros. Switch was revealed to the world, capping off what turned out to be a very memorable Nintendo Direct. Check out the live reactions down below.


33 thoughts on “Check Out The Nintendo NY Crowd’s Live Reaction To The Smash Switch Reveal”

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||It is irrelevant, the important thing is that he has been exposed to Nintendium for all eternity…||

        1. So basically this is E3 2017 all over again: one game is the thing that made a bunch of people think what was mostly boring great. Some people are too easily pleased. This same thing happened for some suckers when it came to Metroid Prime 4.

    1. For one thing, being in a crowd does that to people, whether its music, sports, or what have you. I was watching it on a tablet making dinner for my family, so I wasn’t jumping up and down or anything, but it was still fun to see. If I was in that group for some reason, I’m sure I’d have joined in on the crowd’s energy. Criticizing people for experiencing joy or having a pastime is what’s pathetic.

    2. If it’s much trouble for you to take in the fact that there are those who have rights to feel enjoyment of something among entertainment, then kindly GET THE FUCK OUT.

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||Yes, that is how much our essence reaches the hearts of pawns, we are undeniable…||

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  2. I don’t know why there’s so much hype about a game that already exists and we can pay for it again, maybe some extras, unless this is going to be a totally new one

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