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Here’s A Video Of Today’s Nintendo Direct

Today was a memorable day for Nintendo fans. Nintendo debuted a brand new Nintendo Direct, and it gave us our first look at what is in store for the Switch in the second half of 2018. Many games were revealed, and there’s still a few months until E3. However, some of you may have missed it. If so, Nintendo has released a video of the Direct. You can check it out down below.


23 thoughts on “Here’s A Video Of Today’s Nintendo Direct”

  1. I’m a little sad it didn’t get its own article here, but I’m excited for Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers since I liked the first two (even though their difficulty can be unforgiving and playing aggressively can wreck your touch screen).

    AWESOME Direct!

  2. That Inkling looking at the fiery Smash Crest is Sony/M$ staring into their incoming Armageddon from Nintendo. :3 And right on schedule too, wouldn’t say Commander Quadraxis?

  3. Luigi’s Mansion was a really good surprise but even though I would’ve preferred an HD remake on Switch I can see what Next Level is doing here. Federation Force was a huge critical and commercial flop compared to the 5 million seller success of Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon. Therefore to get some easy money back they’re remaking the original with Dark Moon’s assets. It’s pretty smart actually. Day 1 for me.

    The rest of the 3DS’s “new” announcements were about what I expected if there was anything “new.” Another “Mario Party Top 100” type game with Wario Ware Gold, another Mario and Luigi remake which is weirdly taking until 2019, and Captain Toad. That last one is pretty surprising as I didn’t expect the 3DS to get any more Wii U ports.

    On to the Switch, CRASH FUCKING BANDICOOT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m also shocked we saw Smash here. I really thought they’d save that for E3. The fact I’ll be able to test out Dark Souls is great news and I’m happy Hyrule Warriors finally has a date. South Park was a good reveal too but I’d like to see Stick of Truth come too. Overall I loved this Direct :)

  4. I think I can wait for E-3 for Nintendo to reveal the actual title of Metroid prime 4 and Smash Bros. But, Metroid prime 4 and Pokemon is the only thing I’m excited about.

        1. They are. One of their guys who was asked about it months ago answered “patience”. He didn’t deny it either so it’s basically a loose “it’s coming” answer so he vaguely spilled the beans about it. I know GTA5 is gonna happen and it would be a such hit for a main console GTA to be portable which will attract a lot of attention and sales alone.

  5. I was so happy the entire time watching that presentation. I didn’t think it would be that good even if they were all mostly ports but the portability factor is just huge for me. Good thing I didn’t buy crash, okami, and South Park on PS4 when they came out now I can enjoy them on the go and Mario tennis aces definitely got me hyped the last one I played was the 3ds one and that one was terrible lol

  6. Now I have more hope that a Donkey Kong 64 remake can happen whenever it is a 3DS remake or Switch remake (or both). Nintendo is listening to their fans, I’m so happy that they have changed for the better.

    1. Heck, if Luigi’s Mansion 1 remake was possible, then Donkey Kong 64 is just months away from being announced, whether be in E3 or in a future direct.

  7. This remake of Luigi’s Mansion made me think that they may do the same to Super Mario Sunshine! :)

      1. Well they can mute the dialog. But if they make a Sunshine remake, they need to get rid of that pachinko level or make it 4 times more easy. That level is so unfair.

        1. Oh that fucking level? No, retcon that shit from existence and make a different one, tweak the controls and fix the goddamn camera.

  8. *looks through the shortcuts to each part of the Direct* Luigi’s Mansion for 3DS, a Smash game that may or may not be a new game, & no information whatsoever on paid online (I wasn’t expecting info on it but it still bugs me as they could have at least given a release date or said they’d reveal it at E3.) *groans for a couple of seconds & ends it with an annoyed ugh sound* People are welcome to their opinions but this Direct is just as disappointing as their E3 2017 event. I let the hype get to me for Nintendo’s reveal trailer for Switch back in late 2016/early 2017 when I should have said no & not gotten one til paid online was revealed. It’s been a letdown ever since in spite of Breath of the Wild (a disappointment in it’s own right) was good, Super Mario Odyssey was a return to SM64 style in an open world (of sorts) & without the annoying theme of Galaxy, and Fire Emblem Warriors & Xenoblade Chronicles making me enjoy what little time I did spend on the Switch. (I definitely would not have lost the Switch in a fire if I had waited, so now I gotta buy it again if I even bother at all.)

    Well it’s back to waiting again…

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