Nintendo Switch

VA-11 HALL-A Planned For Nintendo Switch

It would appear as though the developers behind VA-11 HALL-A are planning to bring the cyberpunk action title to the Nintendo Switch. The game is currently available on Steam and has received some great user reviews so it’s clearly something to look forward to. The news was discovered by Reset Era member BRSxIgnition and here’s all the details:

  • Port will likely be handled by Sukeban Games’ PC Publisher.
  • Previous reports of NoA turning VA-11 HALL-A away due to ‘Mature Content’ are false.
  • Currently targeting a Christmas release.
  • Would be a 1:1 Port, no pixel/interlacing issues.
  • There’s been lots of demand for the game on Switch since the direct.
  • The next game from Sukeban will run on Unity and use 3D models. A Switch port is in the plans, depending on who publishes it.*
  • Current release plan is e-Shop internationally, and a complete physical edition in Japan for importers. (English/Japanese)
  • Kiririn feels very positive about the sales outlook for VA-11 HALL-A on Switch.
  • Kiririn has to thank Toby for putting pressure on Nintendo to sign an agreement with GM.
  • NoA had already approached Sukeban Games to put VA-11 HALL-A on Switch. (Though primary drive for GM support was admittedly Undertale)
  • One possible name for the port is ‘Mandatory Karmotrine’ based off the Psycho-Pass game titled ‘Mandatory Happiness’ and the sometimes optional alcoholic ingredient used in VA-11 HALL-A.
  • Final paperwork still needs be completed before the port can be officially announced, but things are looking solid and preliminary artwork is in progress.




  1. After bitching about Nintendo for getting neglected they are finally in I see, still I would not had accepted them for bitching in social media like this


    1. For clarification, the ones who complained where the guys who handled the PSVita version.
      The people at Sukeban clarified that Wozniak had nothing to do with them besides handling that specific port.

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  2. If NoA tried that what with all the mature games coming to Switch, I would hope it would be the final nail in that fucking piece of shit place’s coffin.


  3. Oh & don’t change the damn name! It’s fine as is. I don’t see Bombing Bastards getting a name change on Switch and that has a cuss word in the name. *glares at SIE* Get rid of Busters & change it back to bastards, ya bastards! lol


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