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Video: Luigi’s Mansion GameCube Vs Nintendo 3DS Comparison

We found out on Thursday that the brilliant Luigi’s Mansion which appeared on the Nintendo GameCube is coming to the Nintendo 3DS. The game, which is scheduled to be released this year on Nintendo’s dedicated handheld, has been featured in a head to head comparison video by GameXplain. See which version you prefer in the video below.

28 thoughts on “Video: Luigi’s Mansion GameCube Vs Nintendo 3DS Comparison”

    1. Only thing tht makes the GC ver. better is the resolution and lighting. I can understand thw game being brightened up bc of the low res, small screen. (especially making the ghosts a lil more solidified.

  1. It looks bad when its exploded up to regular scrn size. It will look better when its on a 3DS with that smaller size. It looks like how I would think it would though, small improvement over the original in every place but resolutions ;P

  2. Figures that my time with the 3DS will end with the original Luigi’s Mansion when the sequel is what made me buy a 3DS lol.

  3. GameCube looks way better, with better lighting and textures… Why didn’t they do it up and the 2nd for Switch!? :(

    1. I like the better designed textures even the res is almost half of the old GC res. The lighting was obviously going to b brightened up bc of the low res, small screen. Other than res and lighting, it looks better on 3DS.

  4. I don’t like watching 3DS videos. You don’t get the same awesome quality that the 3D effect gives a boost to when playing on the actual 3DS.

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||As long as it keeps selling, it will be supported in some way, in the end, this was more of a tribute to its intended purpose from the beginning…||

  5. Normally I would argue that it’s okay for remakes to look worse due to hardware limitations since people would enjoy playing things on the go, but now that the Switch is out there’s no reason for this.

    1. If I had a dollar for every argument I had with people who told me over the past year that the Switch is not powerful enough to play GCN games. And here we are, a GCN game on the 7 year old 3DS.

      1. Switch not powerful to handle gamecube games? Even with all of those Wii U ports? …..please don’t tell me those people were serious. This level of idiocy… it’s just too much…

  6. This was the only part of direct that disappointed me. Wish this would’ve been on Switch instead. I’m done with 3DS. It’s impossible for me to go back to the more limited controls and smaller screen.

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