Nintendo Straight-Up Confirms That Mario Is Still A Plumber On MAR10 Day

March 10 isn’t over in North America, which means the MAR10 Day 2018 celebrations are still ongoing. As part of its messages sent to fans throughout the day, Nintendo referred to Mario as “everyone’s favorite heroic plumber” – reconfirming the gaming icon’s true occupation. This is despite some reports a few months ago that claimed Mario was no longer a plumber, but you can rest assured that he hasn’t given up that title just yet.


  1. “Hey plumber boy, mustache man…

    can I have my big comeback on your system? Pretty please?”

  2. I’ve taken that statement to mean that while Mario is a plumber, it’s not his sole profession.

      1. Compared to half the jaded people on this site, much less a bulk of the gaming community?

        Hell, this video alone:

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