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Japan: Here’s The Latest Famitsu Reviews

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The latest edition of Weekly Famitsu is with the subscribers and as always it includes a number of reviews for upcoming titles. The game you might be most interested in is Valkyria Chronicles 4 which is heading to the Nintendo Switch. As with all Famitsu reviews there are four reviewers who mark the games out of ten and then their scores are totalled. Here’s the review scores for this week:

  • Valkyria Chronicles 4: 9-9-9-8 = 35/40
  • Ni no Kuni II: 10-10-9-9 = 38/40
  • Monster Energy Supercross: 7-8-7-7 = 29/40
  • D.S. Dal Segno: 6-7-6-7 = 26/40


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