Japan: Fans Have Ranked Their Favourite Characters

Wondering which character is the most iconic in Japan? Well, this list should give you an answer. Japanese fans were polled by Goo Ranking to find out which character they think is the most iconic. Naturally characters such as Mario and Pikachu scored highly, but not highly enough to beat the cute Doraemon. Here’s the top ten:

1. Doraemon
2. Pikachu
3. Mario
4. Anpanman
5. Hello Kitty
6. Son Goku
7. Totoro
8. Gundam
9. Godzilla
10. Sailor Moon




    1. As much as I love to see Goku in Smash 5 but Goku it’s a manga/anime character and it’s not allowed for Smash.
      Also Goku’s power is stronger then every hero in Smash + the mastered ultra instinct made him even superior to a god

      In summary: sadly I have to say no

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      1. It’s also why THAT one Metroid Prime game for 3DS used a chibi artstyle. Just another desperate attempt to sell a Metroid game in Japan, like Other M before it with making Samus subservient to Adam (even if there are legitimate reasons why she would listen to his orders) to appeal to part of the Japanese crowd where men apparently like submissive types. And both times were complete disasters as those Metroid games still sold like crap in Japan. lol

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