Nintendo Switch

Here’s Some Tiny Switch Cases To Feast Your Eyes On

Kotaku reader Mahir believes that the Nintendo Switch game cases are a little too big considering how small the cartridges are so he has created some mini Nintendo Switch cases which not only look the business but are also smaller using less plastic. The cases are big enough for the cartridge, and that’s about it.





      1. But a lot of people, Japan included, like cute, tiny things. Tiny cases could have gotten some attention, too. Not to mention less space being taken up which gives room for better stock on the store floor. Honestly, the big cases just makes it look like the the Switch games are trying to overcompensate for something.


  1. I mean, this would save a lot of space to store these carts and also protect them without the issue of having to cramp them big ass cases at once. But due to their size, it’s hard to see these covers or even info in the back. But to each his/her own, some prefer it this way to show off their collection on shelves.

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