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Toys ‘R’ Us Goes Out Of Business And Will Close Or Sell U.S Stores

Toys R Us is finally going out of business after being a dominant player in the market in the 1990’s. The company will be closing its stores in the United States and also the United Kingdom. The company is looking to sell or shutter its current stores. The company has seen increased competition from online retailers such as Amazon and just hasn’t been able to keep up and adapt. Sadly, it’s the end of an era for the toy and video game retailer.


53 thoughts on “Toys ‘R’ Us Goes Out Of Business And Will Close Or Sell U.S Stores”


        Also something I’ve learned is that the atmosphere of any store really matters. Though I rarely visited TRU, Whenever I went into my local one, it was so sad looking, old and abandoned… nobody wants to shop in a place that looks like it’s falling apart, non-modern, or has no positive aura. This is the same fate that befell K-Mart… When someone approaches this TRU store, you are greeted with a wide/barren, eerie parking lot along with old, nasty, posters plastered all over the windows covering any view into the store. And as you walk in, there are sad broken down kiddy-quarter rides with a couple of broken shopping carts at the side.
        Once inside the actual store it’s really quiet… no kids laughing, no music playing, no excitement… nothing…
        The employees are rarely seen, It seems as if anyone can just walk in and casually walk out with a bunch of stolen stuff.
        If someone needs help they gotta look desperately for them but even then, the employees are infected by the sad aura in the store; they service people with a smile but it just looks… fake… a mask that hides the truth.
        The shelfs and isles look outdated even though they have modern toys displayed; the floors are littered with products and trash sprinkled in some areas. The restrooms are nasty and not child friendly. The lighting makes the place have an ugly brown glow… it forces the aura to be derepressing and boring.
        I’m not sure if this description goes for all TRU stores but I’m sure it had to be the majority…

        1. From what I’ve heard of the owners taking holiday bonuses during bankruptcy this past Holiday, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the majority since the owners clearly haven’t given a shit for quite some time.

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||Price, in 96.4% of all cases, always dictates the path of the consumer, especially today…||

    2. I rarely buy from Amazon but they’re an online e-commernce service, not a physical toy store competitor so they’re not to blame for Toys downfall. Blockbuster fell because they also failed to adapt or change. They could’ve just converted into an online streaming service, keep some of their employees to work on managing costumer/website services and maybe have rental box machines. Compete against Redbox, Gamefly and Netflix/Hulu at once to see which way to go. But alas, that’s what happens when you stick with your guns against overwhelming odds of the changing world. You have to find a way to adapt with that.

        1. Amazon is not the cause of Toys going under. Walmart would be more of a candidate to do that. Besides, nobody shops at Toys R Us anymore, I don’t recall seeing any ads recently.

          1. I have to say, I never shopped at T R US because the location was weird, or they didn’t have a store close enough to me in 99% of the towns that I lived in, and Walmart seemed to have better prices anyway. I don’t buy from Best Buy either when I can avoid it. Got my 3DS there though. They had a good deal.

            1. If I’ve been into plenty of stores over the years and hardly see any customers plus the Times Square store going out a couple of years before now which I thought was impossible with the high population/activity there, then it’s basely on Toys R Us for failing.

    3. It’s not really Amazon’s fault. If people choose to buy from it than regular consumers, that is their choice. I personally buy my games from Amazon since I don’t like the way Gamestop handles things.

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||We don’t force Nintendo Labo on anyone, and this has nothing to do with Nintendo Labo or Nintendo itself either…||

      1. It’s a physical item that doubles as a toy. And “force” is just a figurative term, which should be the least of your concern.

      1. I was referring to the context of shopping for a toy in a walk-in store. Have you ever set foot in a Toys ‘R’ Us?

        This wouldn’t be so bad if there was a virtual toy store that simulates the feeling of exploring the place (kind of like Google Maps). Now you need to know EXACTLY what you’re looking for online. No more surprises or window shopping.

          1. I don’t really want the Labo to begin with.

            I was just talking about offline options for regular people who shop in stores and wish to purchase it.

            Or does no one set foot in stores anymore?

            1. Well, not to be rude, you shoud’ve probably made that more clear in your original comment because it sounds like you think that Toys R Us is the only store to get the Labo.

              1. No, it’s the only walk-in store more likely more likely to have it. Stores like Target and Walmart have minimal video game stock compared to the rest of their stock (clothes, food, linen, bathroom stuff, other electronics, school supplies, etc.), while Gamestop is known to cater to the more hardcore demographics of video game (Sony and Microsoft library of games, as well as Star Wars/Marvel/DC/Rick & Morty collectibles).

                And because this thing doubles as a fisher price-esque and hobbyist toy, makes it more of a hodgepod. Where would they put it. And how would people don’t even use the internet (let alone visit this site and watch YouTube real videos) even find it?

                Toys ‘R’ Us was THE place to walk in and find several toys of interest, even stuff you never knew even existed (due to minimal to no commercials or little interest in reading through a catalog).

                While buying things online is more accurate and convenient, Toys ‘R’ Us has been around for a very long time and has always been the default option (like McDonalds, Blockbuster, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Barnes & Nobles, or the Bronx Zoo for those who live in New York).

    2. No Labor, No Labo!
      Better find some other store to satisfy your inner Childish cravings for the Labo…. Since you’re the only one who thinks it’s a must-buy… Citing your notion that Nintendo is pushing it on you.

      1. Are you trying to insult me?

        And again, “force” is just a figurative term, barely relevant to the subject at hand.

  1. Saw that coming. Toys R Us was a relic that I’m surprised survived as long as it did. It can have a spot in the graveyard next to Blockbuster. Although not quite as sad as Blockbuster’s downfall for me personally. Luckily I still have a local rental store, that gets quite a lot of business since they don’t charge ludicrous prices like Blockbuster did.

    1. Toys R Us maybe. I doubt Blockbuster will rise from its grave again, especially when there are so many better options to get movies.

      1. It could happen, though. Of course, it’d only be Blockbuster in name only. It’s, to Link77’s point, why there are still Blockbusters in Mexico or TRU in other places because the individual owners of those stores kept the name for one reason or another.

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  4. Oh my god, I can’t believe they’re closing all of them down. It’s going to be so weird not seeing a Toys R Us near my mall anymore.

  5. Pity. TRU was where I was able to find the unicorn that is the SNES Classic.

    There’s one 10 minutes away from me, maybe in a week I’ll go in one more time to see what deals they have on amiibo or something.

  6. Maybe I’m in the minority who never uses Amazon. They’re prices seem way off too. Toys r us is so far away. There’s only a few in the state it seems and the closests one is an hour away. I get all my games from Best buy anyway. 20% brand new

  7. I’d be much more upset if I had a Toys R Us in my area. But the closest one was over 200 miles away. And I only went there once or twice. If I still lived in California, I’d be pissed! Because Toys R Us was one of my favorite stores. Toys are something I NEVER order from Amazon, unless it’s an Amazon exclusive amiibo. I only mainly buy DVD’s on Amazon, if I can find them cheaper than ebay. Most of my orders each month are done on ebay. I get my printer ink SO much cheaper on ebay than in stores (seriously, why is printer ink so expensive? It’s just a tiny bit of liquid inside plastic casings. And it’s gone after a few prints it seems).

  8. I’m glad the Toys R Us in Canada will be staying open, used to love going to them as a kid and just did our baby registry there. Glad they will be around so my son will have the experience of going into a giant store filled with toys! Daddy on the other hand may not be as happy with all the “can I get this” and “I want that”s hahaha

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