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Blossom Tales On Nintendo Switch Has Surpassed Steam Lifetime Revenue By 20x

FDG Entertainment are on a roll today as they have also announced that the fairly recently released Blossom Tales on the Nintendo Switch has made 20 times the revenue it has on PC platform, Steam. The company also says that thanks to this, the team over at Castle Pixel can stay in business and continue creating great video games.

11 thoughts on “Blossom Tales On Nintendo Switch Has Surpassed Steam Lifetime Revenue By 20x”

    1. That’s really due to the saturation of the Steam marketplace though. The eShop seems to be heading in the same direction, but the switch lends more to those style of games so the drop off in sales for newer titles probably wont be as bad.

  1. Should I get this game? I got Mulaka (looking for a game like Zelda and Okami to hold me off until the summer) and I liked it, but it didn’t really satisfy that want. So will this do a better job? It looks like a ton of fun and I really like a link to the past.

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  4. I played this game and, although I liked it, it was not quite as good as I was hoping. This game was rather short (I went out of my way many times to complete side quests and still finished in 9 hours) and felt a bit cheap in comparison to a link to the past.

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