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ARMS Producer Kosuke Yabuki Talked About The Future Of The Game & Plans For A Sequel

ARMS producer Kosuke Yabuki recently took part in an interview with Famitsu. That interview has been featured in Famitsu’s latest issue, and Nintendo Everything has translated the Japanese interview into English to find out any interesting details that Yabuki may have revealed. The biggest news from the interview was about the future of ARMS, as well as the IP as a whole. According to Nintendo Everything’s translation, “although it was already announced that version 5.0.0 was the last major update, Yabuki plans to make more minute updates so the game becomes easier to play, although he didn’t specify the details on that. ARMS is going to be released in Korea soon, so he expects the number of players to increase even further”.

Nintendo Everything also says that Yabuki was asked about a sequel. When this was brought up, “Yabuki says it’s still too early for that since not even a year has passed since ARMS’ release and they will still continue to update the current game. The team’s stance is that they would like to talk about this topic again when they’re finally in the right time and condition to be able to provide a big surprise to everyone.

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      1. Here we go, for the third time.

        ARMS such as:
        -Squid/Octopus tentacles (a sailor fighter, perhaps)
        -Spider silk
        -Tree vines (a monkey or tribe man kind of like Misango?)
        -Film reels (maybe a director character who has some connection to Twintelle like how Helix and Springtron are creations of Dr. Coyle)
        -Wool (eskimo character?)
        -Rope (cowboy/desperado fighter)
        -Fuses (like those you see on a cartoon bomb, on a demolitions expert character)
        -Wires (such as computer wires, so perhaps we could see that on a hacker character or a whiz kid to rival Mechanica)

        I’m aware that these could all be in a sequel, but at the same time, I don’t want to wait.

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      2. Good things come to those who wait. Also, when Nintendo’s service is long-dead, the vanilla version of the game will be incomplete without these additions.

        Do you want that?

        In the meantime, play some hidden gems.


  1. I think Nintendo might be looking at how the game performs when given enough time. The game was definitely not as much of a financial success as Splatoon was, and they might be a bit wary as to how a sequel would perform. Imo, any “ARMS 2” plainly needs more content, as in a proper story mode and substantial side content, which are selling points to non-competitive players. As an example, I still go back sometimes and play Smash Bros. Brawl (over 4) just for the fun of unlocking everything, considering most basic things are unlocked from the start in Smash 4.


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