Nintendo Switch

GameStop Is Listing The Switch Version Of R.B.I. Baseball ’18 For An April 17th Release

The last time we had heard any news about R.B.I Baseball ’18, it was the announcement of a March release. Well, it looks like this won’t be the case for the Nintendo Switch anymore. GameStop is now listing the Switch version of R.B.I Baseball ’18 for an April 17th release. It is the only version of the game that has seen a new release date. The Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions will be releasing on March 20th.




  1. Given that this is the only baseball game across all 3 platforms it isn’t all too bad we have to wait. Perhaps its due to having different features than on other consoles due to to the uniqueness of the switch? Regardless, the game was brought back in house to MLB this year with the promise of an all new experience. I was not planning on buying it for any system but the Switch regardless as the notion of a portable baseball game entices me. At $29.99, its also worth the risk. In the meantime, I have The Show 2018 to keep me busy!


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