Nintendo Switch

UK: Lost Sphear Is Now 30% Off On Nintendo Switch eShop

Nintendo UK has announced via Twitter that the lengthy JRPG Lost Sphear is currently on offer and is available for 30% off on the Nintendo Switch eShop. The offer runs from today until Thursday, March 22nd.



  1. I am Setsuna is the only Switch game I regret getting, and that was in a sale, so I won’t be getting this. Since it’s on sale so soon after coming out I’m guessing quite a few others feel the same. I know some people love these games but the first was so bland that it totally out me off this one.


    1. Just curious what you didn’t like about I Am Setsuna? I bought it day one on the PS4 and fell in love with it. Of course, everyone has different things they want to see from a game, so I was just interested on hearing your take.


  2. They’re really trying to sell this soulless Chrono Trigger clone to people, glad to see so few taking the bait on this one.
    Starting to think the Bravely team are the only competent rpg devs Square’s got.


  3. I hope this discount comes to the North American audience. I loved I Am Setsuna, but there were so many games coming out at the time I couldn’t justify buying this one day one for $40.


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