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Here’s Some Early ARMS Concepts Shown At GDC 2018

This week’s GDC 2018 has already provided some insightful looks at both Splatoon and ARMS. During one of the panels early concept art was shown off for the fighter and it gives us a look at sketches of Twintelle and Spring Man along with a video of an early version of ARMS with prototype Joy-Con. Take a look at those below, thanks to Kit Ellis Twitter.





  1. Looks like Mega Man…

    Hey, looks like we know one of the bosses for Mega Man 12- ARMS Man.

    Joking aside, this is really cool. I love seeing alpha (maybe even pre-alpha) stages of games I end up liking.


  2. man..why nintendo doesnt do more art books? Id love to have these concepts in a book format and have some inspiration before my projects..I also love to colect art books too, pls nint


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