Nintendo’s Teaser E3 2018 Website Is Live

We briefly mentioned this in the post published yesterday but the Nintendo E3 2018 teaser website is now live. A number of you emailed this in so I thought I’d make a separate post for those who didn’t see it. The website briefly explains that the Super Smash Bros Invitational event will be happening as well as the Splatoon 2 World Championships 2018. The full site will be coming soon with more details on Nintendo’s E3 2018 plans. We shall keep you informed when more information is divulged.

Thanks to those who sent this in.



      1. It would absolutely not look like the Xbox One version. I do not know what you’re smoking. It may run at higher resolution on Switch but it would look much closer to the 360 version than the XBO version.

        I know you think otherwise because you don’t like actually acknowledging the differences between Doom on Switch versus other systems but GTA V already ran at 30 fps on the XBO so Rockstar wouldn’t have the advantage of being able to halve the target frame rate like id Software was able to do with Doom.

        Doom was a shooter game that took place in small corridors that ran at 1080p60 on Xbox One. Even after they halved the frame rate on Switch, it still had to run a resolution more than 56% lower with lower resolution textures in order to prevent it from dipping below 20 fps in more difficult scenarios.

        Sure GTA V is less demanding for the XBO/PS4 compared to other games since it still uses assets from X360/PS3 version but all those increases in foliage density come from things like the huge increase in memory bandwidth over previous systems and that’s one area where the Switch’s specs are nearly identical to the PS3/X360.

        Just based on size alone we can be sure that a Switch version’s texture’s would be similar quality to the PS3’s since it’s only 18GB on PS3 while it’s 50GB on the PS4.


      2. Optimization. You forgot optimization is key. We’ll see how the port goes and again, don’t underestimate the Switch as everyone is doing and still being proven wrong.


      3. And what does optimization mean to you? What optimizations do you think they can make to have the Switch version be much more comparable to the XBO version? Because, yes, optimization is always important but I’m not convince you know what that means.

        Nearly every evaluation that I’ve made about the Switch hardware since before it even launched as been proven true so I’m not underestimating shit.

        I said that any games making good use of the Switch’s bandwidth in handheld mode wouldn’t be able to scale to 1080p in docked mode. We’ve seen that to be true with Breath of the Wild and Skyrim.

        I’ve said that some games will target 720p or another sub-1080p resolution in docked mode and run at a sub-native resolution in handheld mode. We’ve seen that to be true with Doom, Project Octopath Traveler, Xenoblade Chronicle 2, NBA Playground, Flame in the Flood, Mario + Rabbids, Yooka-Laylee, Super Mario Odyssey, Kirby Star Allies, Snake Pass, and Lego Worlds. Mario Oddysey is kind of the stand out because you could say it’s running at 720p in handheld mode but it’s actually half that and using temporal reconstruction to do that.

        I’ve said that some games might choose to run the game at roughly the same resolution in both modes with a differences in effects(shadows, draw distance, and LODs, etc.) or target frame rate between modes. We’ve seen that to be true with Rocket League, Sonic Forces, and Dragon Quest Builders.

        I’ve said that because the shader performance between docked and handheld can be up to 2.5x difference and there’s only a 2.25x difference in resolution between 1080p and 720p, that games that target 1080p and optimizes for that docked mode wouldn’t necessarily be able to handle that at the same performance or with the same effects in handheld mode. We’ve seen that to be true with Dragon Question Heroes I+II.

        I also said that some games might be exlusive to one mode of the Switch because of the slight differences in feature set between the modes. This was true of VOEZ and I believe is still true of Severed.

        All of these things of obvious to anybody who actually looks at the specs and understands them but there were people who acted like this thing was constantly gonna hit 1080p docked and 720p handheld with PS4 ports. To this day, I still need to correct people acting like it’s an XBO in a handheld and that it’s actually NOT all an issue with lazy developers who hate the Switch.

        I have to admit though that I didn’t see consumers eating up the Switch as much as they have especially when a lot of the complaints they had with the Wii U were not addressed and in some cases they went back on things (like Friend Codes for example).


      4. IDK if you haven’t heard but somebody at Rockstar spilled the beans when asked about that Switch port of GTA5. I’m sure it’ll happen.


      1. I’m sure it was in development long enough by now. I just hope the direction is not as fucking stupid as Other Melodrama or as painfully embarrassing in visuals as…(we shall not speak it’s name)


      1. Fuck off with that. All can happen and exist on that console and can you imagine the reaction and potential when GTA5 is annoucned for the Switch? It’s gonna be huge.


      1. No shit I won’t forget 2015. Few dumbasses here tell me to drop it but you can’t just forget something THAT FUCKING TERRIBLE, ever.


  1. Other than the new Metroid, the new Fire Emblem, Bayonetta 3, Pikmin 4 announcement (we’ve waited long enough), & more on their paid online, I don’t have much else to look forward to for Switch. I sadly expect to be more impressed & excited by Sony’s event again than Nintendo’s like with E3 2017. *shrug* Oh well.

    If I don’t like what I hear for paid online… Well we’ll see.


  2. Great more remakes/ports coming to 3DS instead of spending that development time and money to the hotter Switch. Smart move Nintendo keep propping up a system that’s declined WORLDWIDE (you fanboys are going to point only to the US and say the increase there is worldwide, but it’s declining worldwide even with the US increasing), instead of focusing on keep Switch hot.


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