2018 World Video Game Hall Of Fame Finalists Announced And They Include Metroid

The iconic Metroid could be introduced into The Strong’s World Video Game Hall of Fame 2018.  The inductees will be announced during a ceremony at The Strong museum on Thursday, May 3rd at 10:30 am. You can vote for your choice here. And here are the nominees for this year:

  • Asteroids
  • Call of Duty (2003)
  • Dance Dance Revolution
  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Half-Life
  • John Madden Football
  • King’s Quest
  • Metroid
  • Minecraft
  • Ms. Pac-Man
  • Spacewar!
  • Tomb Raider

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  1. Let’s go through one by one. I don’t know exactly what’s currently in the hall of fame so I don’t know precisely where the standard is.

    Asteroids – Historic iconic game fully deserving of a hall of fame entry
    Call of Duty (2003) – Nah. Call of Duty IV actually does deserve it as basically every online shooter today builds off the base of Call of Duty IV. This game was meh whatever really.
    Dance Dance Revolution – DDR was innovative and brought non-gamers into gaming.
    Final Fantasy VII – I’ve yet to play FFVII but for a game that is so legendary and so influential to the early 3D years of gaming, it has to be in the hall of fame.
    Half-Life – I can basically say all the same things about this as for FFVII.
    John Madden Football – Sports games are of huge importance but I think the FIFA series is a better representative (unless it is already in the hall of fame, as I said, I haven’t checked)
    King’s Quest – Innovative perhaps, but I don’t know, there’s probably better games to represent this era of gaming.
    Metroid – Metroid does deserve hall of fame recognition someday – I mean it has a whole genre of games named after it (and Castlevania, I’m referring to Metroidvania games of course). However I do see more fitting candidates on this list that should be probably be there first.
    Minecraft – Easily the most influential game of this decade and should be in any gaming hall of fame.
    Ms. Pac-Man – I’m guessing the original Pac-Man is on the list. Ms. Pac-Man is also fantastic but probably not necessary to be included right now ahead of some of the more original titles on this list.
    Spacewar! – I actually had to google this. From the sound of it an incredibly influential game though and the type that this kind of list should be honouring.
    Tomb Raider – I mean look, Tomb Raider is very famous and everything, and ok as a game, but I feel there are dozens of games more deserving.

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    1. “but I think the FIFA series is a better representative ”

      Not sure where you’re from, but here in the States, Madden was a known major game franchise a solid 15 years before FIFA.


      1. That’s the issue: the US. FIFA is HUGE in Latin America and Europe. From a local perspective, yes, Madden > FIFA; but from a global perspective FIFA >>>>> Madden. I’m from a Latin American country, and it’s been years since I’ve seen stores offering NFL games


    2. Metroid might not have been the first Metroidvania game, but it’s the first one anyone knows about. Thus I see it deserving to be on the list. Not to mention being one of the very few games at its time to have a female role.
      And I played Kings Quest as a kid, it does deserve the role more then any other game of its kind. That is, of course, assuming that we are talking about the 1984 game.

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      1. Oh no, Metroid IS the first Metroid”vania”, it has everything a Metroidvania needs to be a Metroidvania, and it has every Metroidvania characteristic no game had before it. Remember, this game came out only one year after SMB, the first ever side scroller. I dare any person to find a “Metroidvania” released in that small time frame….


      2. Actually Metallinatus, there was an older game. It was on one of the PC systems that came out before the NES. There was no side scrolling, but there was back trekking and upgrading. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the game, but top hat gaming man covered it. I’d review the video, but YouTube doesn’t work at my job site.


      3. Infinite Kalas X3 – Sonyendo X-King I never said it should win an award. For a matter of fact I think Metroid should win one. I’m just justifying that Metroid was not the first “metroidvania.”


    3. Don’t underestimate Tomb Raider, the same things you said to FFVII and HL can be said to TR, I’m serious.
      And Metroid 1 deserves the HoF more than any other entry, it was as revolutionary as SMB or maybe even more. Before Metroid, you couldn’t go left in side scrollers, you also couldn’t go up or down, it was only right and right only. Games, specially side scrollers, were also structured by levels back then, and boom, then comes Metroid, where not only the whole game is just one big level, but coming back and forth is a substantial part of the gameplay.
      Super Metroid was the perfection of everything Metroid set itself to do and deserves its own entry some day, but Metroid is the true revolutionary game in the series, followed by Metroid Prime….

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  2. If we’re going by most influential, Metroid all the way as it started a sub-genre (along with Castlevania as another pointed out) & had one of the first female leads as the playable character in the video game industry as well as being helmed by her as more iconic than even the titular Metroids themselves.

    If we’re going by best, I can’t say as I haven’t played ANY of those games except for the original Metroid. If I was able to guess, I wouldn’t rate Metroid too high as the best as I honestly prefer the Metroid games that came after Return of Samus (minus Federation Force, obviously.)

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      1. If someone stripped most of the story away, got rid of a lot of cutscenes (like the horrible Samus shifting between an adult & a little girl cutscene), etc, the game would be looked at as a fun game with great gameplay.

        A total remake of Other M with roughly the same gameplay & a massive change to story would probably be better, though. Leave the Deleter & Furby/Lizard/Dragon Ridley metamorphosis subplots alone, give Anthony more scenes, and give an actual resolution to the Deleter subplot. Maybe go a little Resident Evil & have James inject himself with something that mutates him. Oh & give Phantoon more build up if he’s going to be the final boss of the remake instead of popping up out of nowhere at the end of the game. Least Ridley got some build up. Maybe introduce a mutated version of Kraid as a new boss if they make the game longer. (Maybe something similar to what was planned with Kraid in Metroid Prime before he got cut because of lame ass time constraints.) Yoshio Sakamoto is probably a lot like George Lucas: great ideas but a terrible writer if he has too much control & doesn’t have someone to supervise him. (It’s why the prequel trilogy wasn’t as well liked by people as the original trilogy, because unlike the prequels, Lucas had backup on the originals that kept him from going too far.)


      2. I thought KJ (the one who went missing) was the Deleter. So it was James or you mention James because it has knowledge in computer hacking?


      3. Process of elimination. James was found dead AFTER the Deleter dumped someone else’s body into some lava in the fire area of the Bottleship. Other than Anthony & Adam, James & KG (not KJ) were the only other members of the group alive when The Deleter pushed someone’s body into that lava. We know they weren’t Anthony & Adam since both of them gave their lives to protect Samus (more so Adam since we see Anthony alive later when we thought he died by Ridley’s hands when he knocked Samus out of the way of Ridley’s attack that sent him falling to the lava below.)


      4. I see. Too bad we couldn’t have a sequel (that handle the talking like Prime 3 which at least make Samus look stronger and with much less less emotions than Other M). I would have liked to see Samus against the corrupted people in the federation (we only know of the scientists that “polish” her suit when in fact he obtained DNA from Ridley , the metroids, etc. from her suit and the old colonel that his malicious smile tell you how corrupted he is).


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