Nintendo Switch

The Next Splatfest Has Been Announced For Europe

North America is not the only region that will be having a Splatfest next week. A Splatfest has also been announced for Europe. It will begin on April 7th, the same day as North America’s Splatfest. However, Europe’s Splatfest theme is much different. Do you prefer your popcorn to be sweet, or salty? As usual, once the Splatfest begins, you will have 24 hours to participate. Japan’s Splatfest concluded this past weekend.




  1. Isn’t it popcorn that’s salty and buttery and kettlecorn that’s sweet? I mean, I like both, but I don’t really eat any kind of popcorn anymore because I keep getting kernels stuck in my teeth and it irritates my mouth.


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