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Treasure Testing Nintendo Switch’s Vertical Mode Due To Fan Requests For Ikaruga

It looks as though Treasure are onboard for Nintendo Switch development as the company tweeted a picture of the system and stated that they are currently testing the platform in vertical mode because of numerous fan requests for Ikagura to come to the system. What is also interesting is that Radiant Silvergun and Gun Star Heroes posters are reflected on the Nintendo Switch screen below, which could be a possible hint they are coming to the system too. Nothing has been confirmed.

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      1. Hell, I always liked games like R-Type. I would happily welcome this game to the Switch.

        Also, you should check out Recca. That game is incredibly smooth and has great graphics for a NES title.

  1. I didn’t even think about the Switch’s potential for vertical shmups by just turning it 90 degrees. Delicious. More Treasure games would be a treat as well, new or old.

  2. This is one of the greatest arcadegames I’ve ever played. There was something truly special about that game where every pixel seemed carefully placed and where it was already an achievement if you would beat the 2nd level. Not sure if I would buy it though as I would seriously be afraid I’d break my Switch.

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