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The Federal Trade Commission Warns Nintendo On Warranty Term Violations

The United States Federal Trade Commission has warned both Sony and Nintendo in a recent report. The organisation says that both Sony and Nintendo violate a product warranty act. This is because both companies require that consumers only use first-party products or else void their warranty. Things that it has picked up on is the common ‘Void If Broken’ stickers on commercial products and more.



14 thoughts on “The Federal Trade Commission Warns Nintendo On Warranty Term Violations”

  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||The Xbots are at it again, they cannot stand to lose against superior forces and so have to resort to otherworldly interferences…||

    ||Perhaps that temporary Nintendite/Sonyans alliance should be created at once to finish them off once and for all…||

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||Xbots = Abominations that worship and play Xboxes and anyone else against Nintendo in any hostile way regardless of who or what it is even if they do not even have an Xbox, including you slave…||

  2. The freakin’ FCC shouldn’t be taken seriously after deciding to abandon net neutrality. They lost what little respect I had for them in that moment. Actually, scratch that- I never had respect for them, it’s a US government agency.

  3. What are all these comments about the FCC? The Federal Trade Commission is entirely different than the Federal Communications Commission.

  4. So this would be like if you use a (theoretical) third party battery to extend your Switch’s battery life and your switch breaks from something unrelated, Nintendo can’t void the warranty on the Switch because you used a third party alteration?

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