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Phantasy Star Online 2 × Persona Collaboration Happening

It looks as though a Phantasy Star Online 2 x Persona collaboration is actually happening. The new announcement was made at SEGA FES 2018. The collaboration is between both Persona 3: Dancing Moonnight and Persona 5: Dancing Starnight. It will go live in June. Owners of the game will be able to get a variety of new avatar items plus new dancing lobby actions from the main cast. The company also announced a music live event which will happen in the near future.

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      1. I think I had the link for the western teaser site at least for 4 years in my favorites. I removed it a year or so ago and cant find the site, probably they took it down.


      2. I know being a pso gm on and on pso on the gamecube and blueburst this news did piss me and a few of my team members off. I know the site has to make news, but if it’s things like this it’s like the japanese are saying ” Hahahahaha We have a game You want and we keep it for ourselves Hahahahahahaha!” this is why one of my switches is modded and can run gamecube games i got it running pso episodes 1& 2 and i love it it even runs ps1 games very well haven’t tested ps2 yet though.


      3. The game runs smoothly on the switch, i’ve also managed to put metroid prime 1 & 2 and holy hell they are awesome the controls took a while to get used to but the solution was to use the usb cube adapter for wii u and programme the controls via that and the game is working perfectly. my next project is too update the storage space i want to mod it from 32gb to 128gb. but that is once i get my next switch i’d do a video on it but Nintendo would be on my ass if i did.

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      4. i know, especially since i recently got to join their rep team for events across the uk so i can’t take my modded switch so i use the unit they gave me to use for the events which has alot of games loaded on to it, the pay is very good too.


      5. I think you guys are overexaggerating and overthinking the situation… The game currently only has a Japanese release, but there isn’t anything holding you back from playing. The PC version doesn’t care at all where you are, while the PS4/Vita and Switch versions merely require a Japanese account to download the game (but any can play it; the Switch version also faces the setback of a required ping); you’re free to play it as much as anyone else, and the English community is alive and well.

        As for the reason the game never came west, that dates back to SEGA of America’s restructure. It was a series of unfortunate events which ultimately led to the one heading the localization project leaving the company; it isn’t as though the entire company was working on it at once. A whole slew of issues would face the game now, but in particular:
        – Nearly 6 years of content to try and localize (Western PSU started just a few months after the Japanese release, but ended up around 2 years behind at the end)
        – Numerous collaborations and other events that use music and other properties which SEGA of America would need to obtain the rights for all over again (or else skip them entirely, but since we have stuff like Odin from FFXIV, Knight Gear, and Cougar NX as actual bosses that provide some material gain, it would lead to various holes and a lack of content at times)


  1. I’d recommend about posting PSO2-related articles, as a lot of English sources regarding the information aren’t entirely correct or miss certain information. Collabs like this happen rather frequently too (PSO2 even has Gal Gryphon from PSO, and they treated it as a PSO2 x PSO collab lmao), so there will be a lot to report over time… either way this particular one isn’t too surprising, we already had a Persona 5 collab when that game came out lul

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