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Sam Mullen From SEGA/Atlus Says If You Want SEGA Ages Saturn And Dreamcast Games Then Tweet SEGA

We found out yesterday that SEGA is open to the idea of eventually adding Dreamcast and SEGA Saturn games to SEGA Ages. Today, Sam Mullen from SEGA/Atlus responded on the ResetEra thread to say that if you want a number of games from those two legacy consoles in SEGA Ages then make sure you tweet SEGA on Twitter or contact them on Facebook to let them know.


Yes, I agree. Do those things.”




      1. Never had a Sega console. I only knew in 2008 they have made some console in the past. I was very late


      2. Oh, ok. They did some nice games in the past. Sonic to me have undeserved reputation, there are more intersting games from SEGA for sure in my opinion.


  1. Or release Saturn and Dreamcast games on the Switch. I really want to play:

    -Sonic Jam
    -NiGHTS/Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams
    -Jet Set Radio
    -Sonic Shuffle
    -As well as give Shenmue and Space Channel 5 (Parts 1 & 2) a try.

    Without having to purchase the original systems (and then we get an out of nowhere announcement). And that’s just SEGA’s first-party library.


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