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More SEGA Ages Games Have Been Announced

SEGA has announced a few more titles that will be available in the upcoming SEGA Ages. The publisher and developer said that Alex Kidd in Miracle World (PlayStation 3 version) Gain Ground (arcade version) will be coming to the newly announced compilation. The company also confirmed yesterday that Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive version), Phantasy Star (PlayStation 2 version) and Thunderforce IV (Sega Saturn version) will also be coming.

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3 thoughts on “More SEGA Ages Games Have Been Announced”

    1. Different speculation is all we have honestly Sega hasn’t really provided too much details. Some think a collection, some think they will release the games individually but definitely not an app, they already have the eShop where they can put the games no need to make something completely different

      1. Sorry wrong term on the use of App. I didn’t mean an app like for phones. Meant like an eshop app with ingame purchases. But interesting to see how this plays out

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