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Video: Rare Catches In Nintendo Labo Fishing – Shark

Nintendo Labo is finally out now in North America and will be coming to Europe on Friday. One YouTuber that has uploaded plenty of Labo content is Abdallah Smash. This time around he has been uploading footage of various rare catches in the fishing game. This particular video takes a look at how to catch a monstrous shark and it certainly looks beefy.

3 thoughts on “Video: Rare Catches In Nintendo Labo Fishing – Shark”

  1. “Pro-tip: get rid of the thing that makes the real life clicking noises. It’s trash.” Good advice for those that want Labo for fishing. And the lack of a glossary or bestiary for fish is definitely an oversight.

    Anyway, what exactly happens to the fish once they are caught? If they die, it’s gonna trigger the people that had a problem with shark & whale fishing in Assassin’s Creed IV. I’m totally against fishing for sharks & whales for anything other than research purposes & only if they are safely returned (especially sharks as they are integral in keeping our oceans healthy; then again, I’m pretty sure whales are just as integral) in real life but it’s a video game. Some people need to chill.

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