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Video: South Park The Fractured But Whole Switch Gameplay

This Tuesday, South Park: The Fractured But Whole will launch on the Nintendo Switch. Until today, gameplay footage of the Switch version has yet to be posted. Thanks to Xiphos Gaming, we can finally see some. Xiphos Gaming has uploaded a YouTube video that showcases the game’s first 26 minutes. If you want to see it for yourself, we’ve included the video for you down below.

Thanks to N-Dub Nation for the tip.




      1. Now I loved the first, but I don’t think this one was AS good. The combat was slightly deeper, but still too easy/uninteresting to do anything more than drag down the game and take you away from the games strengths: the story and exploration of South Park. The quickfire, simple battles of the first and the fantasy setting I think worked better overall. The first also feels more like South Park in what I thought was it’s peak (seasons 6ish-10ish). This one draws more from it’s more recent seasons. That’s not to say that they didn’t improve on things, or that you might prefer this, but for me, it wasn’t as successful. Still fun, character customization is better, and it’s nice to have more of the kids in your party.

        If you’re a die hard South Park fan and enjoyed the first, it’s a definite recommend. If you don’t like South Park, or you’re surprised by poop humor being in the game, I’m not sure why you’d really pick it up anyways. I can point to episodes that are literally about nothing but poop. A solid 8 if you’re a fan of the show, whereas I’d give the first a 9.5.


      2. Yea I love South Park so I guarantee I’m gna love this one even tho I didn’t get to finish the first but either way I thought that one was brilliant so even if this one was more of the same I just treat it like a long South Park marathon lol

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    1. Unfortunately, I’m not able to see news tips. Only sickr can see them, and he’s in bed right now. He’d have to forward the tip to me through email, and only then will I be able to see it. If you sent one through the blog, I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to see them. =(

      If you want to send me news tips directly, I highly recommend you let me know on Twitter. I’m SSF1991 on there. Twitter is where I’m most active, and it’s my main source for getting news. That’s where I saw the South Park footage. I’m sorry that your tip went unseen, it is greatly appreciated that you sent it. I’ll go ahead and credit you in the post. =)


  1. I need this game NOW!!!!!!!!! i fought not to purchase the Xbox one version cause I was hoping for a switch release…. when I saw this in the direct I was sooooooooo happy. I Can’t wait. I can’t even see it to pre purchase it. I need my south park fix NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. It’s in the EU eshop right now in the coming soon! Had a copy in my shop and already checked it out, it plays great!


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