Nintendo Switch

E3 2018: Capcom Lists Action/Adventure Title For Nintendo Switch

E3 season is fast approaching and an eagle eyed Reset Era member has discovered that Capcom is listing an action/adventure title for the Nintendo Switch. What also caught the users attention is it’s listed for all platforms other than the PlayStation 4, though this could simply be a mistake. We won’t find out about the title until E3 2018 kicks off in June.





    1. It’s funny you say that. I remember listening to a Podcast where Alyson Court (the voice of Claire Redfield) mentions that in 1997 she was contracted to voice for a game titled “Adventure Game”; Which later turned out to be RE2. As of right now, there really only 3 other contenders that fit the genre of ” Action Adventure” for a possible switch release. Assuming they aren’t porting 7th gen games anyway…


  1. Eh Sony apologists: get ready to prepare your excuses for why you are still deluded enough to buy this lie that Sony didn’t interfere with Monster Hunter when it turns out to be XX or something.

    THEY PAID! Those hypocrites hyping Monster Hunter as some AAA game just because Vita didn’t sell and 3DS did.

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  2. It had better be a monster hunter game… But I’d also take Onimusha… If it ever comes.

    Wait! Does Okami HD launch before E3? Or has it already launched?
    It had better not be Okami!


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