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Nintendo Could Be Working On Updated Left Joy-Con For Nintendo Switch

Forbes has recently spotted a new¬†Federal Communications Commission filing for the left Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. People have been reporting problems with the left Joy-Con since the system launched in March 2017. However, some people’s left Joy-Con fixed itself with a Joy-Con update which can be downloaded via the Nintendo Switch system menu. It now looks as though Nintendo could be preparing to introduce a more reliable left Joy-Con.

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      1. I never had a real problem with the existence for D buttons either, but I wouldn’t mind if they brought back the traditional D-pad.

  1. My right one stays in the down position for much longer than it should. It’s unusable in this state and quite annoying.

  2. As long as they are remaking the Joycon, they should make an optional “D-pad” version for those who want it.

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