US: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Vanishes From Wii U eShop

Reports are going around the internet that Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze has been removed from the Wii U eShop in North America. You simply cannot buy the game via the eShop. It’s not completely clear why it has been removed, but clearly we have got the more expensive Nintendo Switch version of the game coming out on Friday. Hopefully it’s just a glitch, and if it’s not, hopefully a Nintendo of America rep will comment on its removal.




  1. totally fucking pisses me off. i spent a fortune on that wiiU eShop just to have them re-release everything and shut it down. fuckers… so if my external HD fails there is no way for me to get this game back as of now? it’s like they are punishing the fans who supported them most. well i will warn y’all right now: STICK TO PHYSICAL

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      1. I can’t see downloading a 7G game onto a 32 G system that is why I bought a 128 G card after I bought my Switch

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    1. What a knee jerk reaction. Everything you are mad about did not even happen, it was only removed from the store, you can still download it without any problem… its still listed under “downloaded” software, and just to be sure I deleted it and redownloaded it without trouble.

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    2. While physical releases are always a better option, by simply not being in any risk of being deleted, I am fairly sure you are able to re-download already purchased products from the eShop again.

      The 3DS lets you and while I have personally needed this function from the Wii U, I would be surprised if the two shops did not share this feature…


    1. This is weird… I know they’re trying to move people over to Switch because there is the future revenue stream, but Donkey Kong isn’t that big of a systemseller, especially when it’s a port. It shouldn’t matter where Ninty gets their DKTP-money from, unless DLC for that specific will appear over time.


      1. Donkey Kong actually does pretty well for Nintendo. The first DKC game is the second bestselling game on the SNES. And DKC Returns sold 6 million on the Wii alone. So saying it “isn’t that big of a system seller” is downplaying the impact Donkey Kong games have. Even if they weren’t system sellers, that doesn’t mean DKC games aren’t good.

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      2. Well… The SNES game had something else to them and became system sellers because of their graphics (more or less). And DKC for Wii was the only game since 1996 which passed 2 mill in sales. -So I will one more time dare to say it isn’t the biggest system sellers nowadays. But this is besides the point of my original post. I’m still just thinking “why?”. Why would they do this?


      3. Correction I don’t think they’re trying to push the Switch on anybody BUT it is a damn good console and Def worth the money spent on it. Games are of course pricy but then again when ain’t they for any system? My game is already paid for just waiting to go pick it up

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      1. Yes you can, I had to sell my switch to game stop to get gas to go to work of course pissed AF but I went back to get it on payday the fucker sold it out from under me week and a half early, unfortunately I accidentally left my 128 G card in my system because I was told legally they have to hang on to sold systems for a month before they can put them out on the market, well that did not happen and I ripped the manager a new one! I ended up buying a whole new Switch and a couple of the games of mine they sold as well. I brought it home set it up and thank God my Zelda game save was still on it! :) the game was almost beat was so scared I would have to start all over again. Thank God it was redownloadable ! As long as you still have your Nintendo link/ account you can redownload your games

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  2. People, they eventually will shutdown everything from Wii U and probably when Online switch its up on september

    . And now my big question to the 13.5 million(probably even less than a million) who bought wii u:
    Do all of you have to waited UNTIL NOW??? to buy the game?. All of you waited for almost 5 years to get a discount ????really?? and probably you ignore the game until nintendo port to the switch and complain about the price and said many times “I will buy the game and play on wii u”

    Sorry bu I owned a Wii U and I even i don’t know that game existed until this year but a don’t want anymore the games from that dead console.

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  3. The big difference between this and the other ports is that they’re charging more for a game they did less with – years later. I love TF, but I don’t mind if this port flops. I think they’re testing the waters on how big of sucker we all are.


  4. I don’t see the big deal. Anyone who wants it can still buy a new or used physical copy for pretty cheap. And you can still redownload it if you paid for it previously. Wii U is dead, before you know it the online features for that system will be removed entirely. Miiverse was only the beginning.


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