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Future Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa Explains His Vision For Nintendo

Nintendo will be getting a brand new president in June at around the same time as E3 in Los Angeles. The new president is Shuntaro Furukawa. Speaking to investors Mr. Furukawa explained what kind of company he wants Nintendo to become once he takes the reigns of the beloved Kyoto-based video game company.

“The one thing we must never forget when running Nintendo is that we are a company that makes entertainment products and playthings, not necessities. It is a business where our mere existence could be quickly forgotten if consumers stopped considering our products to be fun and interesting. No matter how the era or the environment changes, the essence of our business will not change. It is a high-risk business, so there will be times when business is good and times when business is bad, but I want to manage the company in a way that keeps us from shifting between joy and despair. As for the question of what kind of company I want to make of Nintendo, this is a company that continues to be an integrated hardware and software business in the world of dedicated video game platforms. We work hard to keep the odds of success in our favor, but there are times when things go well, and times when they do not. This is a high-risk business by its very nature, and that will not change. But we need to be a company that continues to ask ourselves what we can do to maintain our relationships with consumers, and how we can leverage our ingenuity to mitigate the risks even a little bit, and never come to the conclusion that there is nothing we can do.”


19 thoughts on “Future Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa Explains His Vision For Nintendo”

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  2. That was so vaguely stated.
    “things are good, or bad, we love our customers, things are good or bad, hardware Plus software, sometimes good, sometimes bad”
    What?!!! That’s his “vision” sounds like he has no idea

    1. What were you expecting? A detailed, step-by-step plan? He’s acknowledging the company’s past problems and is basically stating that he wants to minimize the damage during the company’s bad times.

    2. The most important thing is that he understands “what and who they are”. Most companies struggle with that concept.

      Hopefully he understands Nintendo’s strengths and weaknesses and continue its strategic position.

      1. Lol vision is what was the key word in my statement. His vision was not stated, just random unsure statements. And no you don’t need to express a plan…..just a vision.

  3. So, in a nutshell: We’re going to keep being Nintendo, doing Nintendo things, and if it doesn’t pan out, it’s just because the industry is going through a down turn, it’s not because of poor decision making or stubbornness.

    1. The part where he talk about someone in particular and then said that “that just couldn’t be it” and then said that he “will said what needs to be said to run the company” was very surprising.

  4. One suggestion is stop waiting so long to make a sequel. Example Pikmin 3 debuted 2012. Why not make Pikmin 4 immediately ? Why not had worked on another Donkey Kong immediately after Tropical Freeze debuted? Why not work on Toad’s Treasure Tracker Immediately?
    What’s with them as why they dont make sequels immediately after the predasuccer debuts,

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