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Nintendo Completely Censors Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Logos In The Latest Nintendo Minute Episode

In the latest installment of Nintendo Minute, Kit and Krysta pay a quick visit to GameStop to pick up a copy of the recently released Nintendo Switch version of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. As the two hosts walk around the video game store, you’ll notice that – for some reason – the main logos on display for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are completely censored in the video. Interestingly, you can still clearly see smaller renditions of the Xbox One logo across shelves, but the PlayStation 4 symbol is harder to spot due to being more in the background. You can check out this Nintendo Minute episode by clicking here.


  1. That’s not really that odd. Any kind of major company has to do things like this to be extra careful so they don’t get sued. I doubt it is because they dislike Microsoft and don’t want to inadvertently promote for them. Sounds more like there just covering their backs like most large companies do.

    1. I’m with you on this why would Nintendo dislike Microsoft if they have involve minecraft and crossplay on there system, heck when snes classic was having restock issues microft and Sony CEO was asking Nintendo to restock them on twitter, they even created congratulated Nintendo when the switch launch, I’m pretty sure it’s just fan boys that make it seem as if the companies are against each other

    2. At first I thought so we well but seeing that the Burger King, Amazon, Domino’s, Hulu, Apple, etc. Logos have not been debited
      Censored out I have a hard time believing it was because of copyright reasons.
      Out of Amazon, Xbox, PlayStation, Hulu, Apple etc. Xbox and PlayStation are the only brands they have to take care of due to Copyright?
      Doesn’t sound right.

      1. “Doesn’t sound right.”

        Sounds exactly right. The thing that they would be sued for is using another video game brand to promote their own video game brand. Burger King can’t make that claim, and even if they could, they aren’t Nintendo’s competitors so they have no interest in an unnecessary lawsuit.

      1. I think he means this news really has nothing to do with any Nintendo game (yes I know alba mention dktf, but the article is about the logos being hidden), and that it’s just some minor detail someone wanted to point out

  2. No duh! It’s not like Nintendo Minute is owned by Nintendo! And remember Nintendo Minute is never a minute….

  3. Seems strange and a bit childish. Sony and Microsoft congratulate and praise Nintendo publicly yet Nintendo won’t even display their logos. I highly doubt either company would sue Nintendo for filming the contents of a shop. It’s not a huge issue but it shows something about the relationships between the big three.

  4. If you play the Xbox versions of GTA V, when the song “ADHD” by Kendrick Lamar comes on they censor out the word “PlayStation” in the first verse. Pretty sure most of the big gaming companies do this with their direct “competitors” for legal reasons, nothing new.

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