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Nintendo Is Looking For A Level Designer For The Legend Of Zelda Series

Nintendo is currently looking to recruit a level designer for the next entry in The Legend of Zelda franchise. The person who gets the job will create various events, dungeons, the game’s fields, and also the enemies Link will encounter on his journey. The applicant will design these and then implement them into the game.


  1. Dream job right there. If only I had my degree, several years of experience, and the Japanese language under my belt. I think I’ll skip this one.

      1. I wouldn’t mind if they used the same general map of Hyrule again, with some changes, more enemy variation, etc. More rebuilt villages with more NPCs, actual dungeons instead of just a big maze…..

    1. A sequel to A Link Between Worlds exists, it’s called Tri Force Heroes.

      Not so sure about this job listing being for the next entry in the series though as the handheld team weren’t involved with Breath of the Wild and finished their last game in 2015. Whatever they’re working on will be the next entry surely and then the 2D Switch game afterwards.

  2. Great, perhaps they can think of more than 5 different enemies. Seriously, the enemy variety in BotW is terrible.

    And make some REAL dungeons next time. The Divine Beasts were lame and lacked all of the fun and atmosphere of dungeons past.

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