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Amazon UK: Nintendo Switch With Super Mario Odyssey For £299.99

Amazon UK has a pretty good deal available for the Nintendo Switch. You can get either a Neon or Grey Nintendo Switch system with a copy of the critically acclaimed Super Mario Odyssey for £299.99. It’s not a bad deal at all as the system generally retails for £279.99 on its own, so for an extra twenty pounds you get a copy of Super Mario Odyssey thrown in.

1 thought on “Amazon UK: Nintendo Switch With Super Mario Odyssey For £299.99”

  1. Nice, waiting for the e3 if there is any announcements. Kinda hoping hardware revision but doubt that’ll be until next year.
    Don’t think there would be any price cuts until MSony launches their new consoles, probably just SKU’s bundled with Zelda/Mario/Splatoon2 (Splatoon2 & MK8 bundle would be awesome though, like they did with Wii U)

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