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Japan Gets Its Own Nintendo Indie Showcase Titled Indie World

Not to be outdone, Nintendo has announced a Switch Nindies Showcase for Japan due to the huge success independant titles have been in the country. The title of the presentation has changed for Japanese consumers and is titled Indie World. The latest video is out and is chock full of upcoming indie titles including Minecraft. Take a watch below.

5 thoughts on “Japan Gets Its Own Nintendo Indie Showcase Titled Indie World”

  1. Using that Pixelart style for the graphic doesn’t really make me confident, the indie scene has moved forward.

    Then again I’m just playing Thimbleweed Park and loving it. Still, … using that kinda overused graphic style for a show feels a bit cynical.

    1. Geez, talk about overthinking things. Lighten up a bit. Anyway the fact is over half the indie games on the eshop are pixel graphics so it’s only being indicative of what’s out there.

  2. While Japan is providing us with the best game experiences, the West is trying to con them with this low-effort bullshit.

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