Nintendo Switch

Video: You Can Pre-order Both Mega Man Legacy Collections On Nintendo Switch eShop

Capcom has announced on Twitter that the time has finally come for Mega Man fans to pre-order the Mega Man Legacy Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 on the Nintendo Switch eShop ahead of the games release on May 22nd. The company also released a trailer for the iconic collection of games which you can view in the tweet down below.



  1. The only IP Capcom has that I’ll support is Monster Hunter, they f!@# right off a cliff with this half physical/digital crap! If they’re not gonna release both games physically, just like they did with RERev 1-2 Switch, then what’s the point in even releasing it physically then?! Those cheap ass bastards!


  2. I am one lucky owner of all europe pal region megaman, megaman x and zero physical released games. All nintendo versions plus bad psp version. PS2 anniversary too owning. Now i like play again all this game on mine Switch but mine whole life i buy ONLY cartridges, cds, dvds. Only physical games with cases. I am collector (nes, snes, 64, gc, wii, wiiu, Switch, gb, gbc, gba, ds, 3ds, ps1,2,3,4, psp, vita) and gaming is all i own. I never buy games in future If Only digital releases coming. I am sad now but in europe megaman legacy collection Only half physical, digital release. I ignore this release and dont buy. If capcom dont need mine money, capcom dont bez nothing from me.


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