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Emily Rogers: Pokemon Game Releasing On Switch This Year And Is An RPG With At Least Two Versions

Nintendo insider Emily Rogers has reconfirmed from her sources that Pokemon for the Nintendo Switch will be coming this year. She also says that it’s an RPG and that two versions of the game will be released like previous Pokemon games. Here’s what she said on the ResetEra forum.

What I said: I believe a Pokemon game is releasing on Switch later this year. It will be a RPG with at least two versions.

What I didn’t say: I didn’t specify whether it was a core game, a spinoff series, a remake of an older game, or a Gen 8 game.


69 thoughts on “Emily Rogers: Pokemon Game Releasing On Switch This Year And Is An RPG With At Least Two Versions”

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      1. Hi Emily. Didn’t know you were posting here now. Emily Rogers is almost never right. Remember how Mother 3 was going to be localized? What about playing as a female link in BoTW? Still waiting for that Skyward Sword port as well.

      2. I’ll never forget how Emily’s rumor of Paper Mario happening on the Wii U with Koopalings as bosses turn out to be true. True pain was felt once that trailer happened… well after the denial of course.

      1. I think it was already a easy point out that there will be two release since this has always been a thing her weak and useless rumors are even becoming worse, what’s next Nintendo is going to show off amiibo festival 2 at e3

  2. We will definelty see something of the game this year. If it will release? not sure. Don’t forget it’s the biggest leap Game Freak has to make from handheld to console. Better not rush it.

    1. not necessarily. We have yet to find out what kind of graphics itll have. for all we know, they might stick to a fix over the top with 3D grapphics. they might even be using the same engine as S&M.

      1. Didn’t think about that but yeah, that’s also an option, but I really hope they will not go that route. Now they have the chance of evolving the franchise graphically and potentially try something new gameplay wise. I, for one, would really like some more freedom to explore the world. Let people decide their own path. Make gyms completely optional, stumble on side-quests, stumble on secret bases of criminal organisations and puzzling your way in, find legendary Pokémon at you own leisure. All those stuff can be deserialised. The only thing that needs to go for this to work is the leveling system, as it is currently in hard-sync with player progression. Maybe they can alter the system and make levels less determinate in atk/def advantages, but more in endurance and intelligence. In that way, the better you level your Pokémon, the more Pokémon you can defeat before recharge is needed.

  3. Personally, I’d like to see a Pokemon game with real time ‘calling out commands’ combat, and using only the first two or three generations of Pokemon.

  4. [Pokemon on Switch will be an RPG with at least two versions. -Emily Rogers 2018]
    Her “insider information” has become so safe that they now put her face on boxes of band-aids.

  5. I’m not saying I agree with her sources, I believe in my sources that this could be another remake witch I know what it is. Besides, gen 7 lasted for 2 years. So, I don’t see why people think it’s not a new game?

  6. Can’t see this being true! Firstly if Nintendo are telling us smash is the xmas hit, I’m not sure they would give us Pokemon as well in the same year.
    2018 is JULY wolfenstien, AUGUST mhgu, SEPT Yoshi, OCTOBER plus one other possible Bay3, NOVEMBER Smash.

    1. They usually give first party games the full support with trailers and everything so August and July are possibly free, they going to advertise captain toad and splatoon dlc to death like they did with tropical freeze for July

  7. Not two versions please… Just one game… I’m not a Pokémon fan and I’ve not really played any of the games barring stadium 1&2 and coliseum but I would be interested if one came to Switch

  8. At this point Emily is a mixed bag that equally gets things wrong as much as she gets things right. Imo we should probably stop listening to her so that she will work on combing through her sources to make sure they’re correct before she relays them.

    It’s pretty tiring hearing from her and thinking “well this could be true, but it could be false too”

    1. I’d like to know what she has ever gotten right. Whatever it is, her lies far outweigh that, that mixed bag might as well be completely full of crap.

    2. That’s why I don’t like Emily. She always try to be fifty-fifty so that people praise her whenever she is right or wrong.

    3. I’m not saying I agree with her sources, I believe in my sources that this could be another remake witch I know what it is. Besides, gen 7 lasted for 2 years. So, I don’t see why people think it’s a new game.

      1. Matthew Hutchinson

        The argument is that since the Sun/Moon models are HD ready, they can reuse a ton of the assets for Pokemon Switch and have it still look good, allowing for a faster turn around.

  9. What I said: I believe a Pokemon game is releasing on Switch later this year. It will be a RPG with at least two versions.

    Replace “Switch” with “Nintendo’s current handheld” and you’ve got the expectation every has had since Gen 2. Seriously… why is this noteworthy?

  10. Emily has to State the goddamn obvious just to get ONE prediction right. LOL, she’s pathetic.

    Aside from stuff mentioned already in the comments, remember she also said there would be no Splatoon 2 or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. She’s delusional. But yeah, this is a guess and it’s a no-brainer.

  11. Watch her be right and have people be like “see? of course she’s a reliable source!” or have it wrong and people will say things like “she was right at the time, the game just got delayed”. SMH

  12. Doubting a 2018 release. No way we’ll get pokemon and smash in the same year, and assuming nintendo wants smash to be their big holiday game, the traditional november release for pokemon isnt likely

    1. Matthew Hutchinson

      November’s hardly tradition. Going off US release dates we have R&B Sept 28, Yellow Oct 19, G&S Oct 14, Crystal July 29, R&S March 18, FR&LG Sept 7, Emerald April 30, D&P April 22nd, Platinum March 22, HG&SS March 14, B&W March 6, B2&W2 Oct 7, X&Y Oct 12, OR&AS Nov 21, S&M Nov 18 and US&UM Nov 17.

      So releases are kind of all over the place but try to avoid the summer and it seems like they target Q3 but occasionally get delayed to end of Q1

      1. That means that the next Pokémon RPG will most likely be another month that isn’t november. The next release date could be either April or March since the last 5 releases were two games in October and 3 games in November which are from the 3rd quarter.

    1. Please. A first person shooter like Pokemon, that has only ever released with a single version, would never come out as an RPG with two versions. What are they going to do, separate them by color or something?

      And sure Nintendo has continued to say 2018 or later, but come on. Do you think they’d really want a title like that to launch for Christmas? That’s a terrible time for one of the biggest kids series of all time to launch.

  13. Could you imagine Smash and Pokémon in the same year ? Isn’t Metroid and Bayo 3 due this year too ? We did Mario and Zelda in the same year but they were about 8 months apart. Releasing in the same quarter would be madness but I’d definitely buy both (or all 4 if we’re talking Metroid and Bayo 3)

  14. So Emily gets a lot of hate but she has been right a lot lately even if she has been wrong as well, which she has. She wasn’t one of the most reliable sources on early Switch rumors. Before we even knew it was a handheld she said it wasn’t NVIDIA Tegre when everyone else haven her hate for even suggesting it wasn’t a sign powerful as PS4. Smash in 2018 too when no one else was saying it. She’s probably has some sources but is also probably mislead too easily by false leads. She’s a mixed bag.

    1. At the time, a lot of people were guessing it would be a hybrid console of sorts. She also jumped on after the eurogamer leak, very convenient. Smash was a complete guess as she said it in the same breath as splatoon being a port and launch title and mk8d not existing and a bunch of other things like Mario Maker. By summer 2017 you knew what was coming and what wasnt, everyone shifted their predictions on smash to the following year, the year they would eventually release their Online Service.
      She’s a speculator, not a rumor monger. No reliability at all.

  15. “What I didn’t say: I didn’t specify whether it was a core game, a spinoff series, a remake of an older game, or a Gen 8 game.”

    holy shit is wording is awful. based off this alone it would be mean there’s going to be another two versions of a pokemon game for switch. since the CEO of the PKMN co flat out said at E3 2017 that it was a core RPG. core = main title, thus 8th gen for switch.

    1. The whole internet is ignoring that so they can post clickbait articles and videos. The worst part are the idiots who are buying into the clickbait.

  16. So the release time is in line with the typical release schedule of Pokemon, they’re going to be the same genre as all other main series Pokemon games, and come in the same number of versions, too? What about this is supposed to be a prediction that only this specific person could have made?

  17. She just Michael Patcher-ed everyone. Says the most obvious things *at times. It’s more than likely coming this year and more than likely will have two versions (like every other Pokemon game). Lol.

  18. E3 2017 – Tsunekazu Ishihara – “Game Freak has begun working on a CORE Pokémon RPG title for the nintendo Switch.”

    This has been confirmed for a year. Why are all of these internet nobodies speculating on what it will be when it was confirmed to be a CORE title in the series a year ago?

  19. I’m actually a little bit interested in a Pokemon RPG on Switch. But I only played one other Pokemon game (of the official series), so I’m not the biggest fan. But I loved Diamond. The thing is, I attempted playing Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon White, but I wasn’t feeling it. I only played one Pokemon game, yet the ones I’ve tried felt like the same thing again. It’s surprising that the series is so big and strong.

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