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Monster Hunter Movie Goes Into Production Starting September

Variety is reporting today that the Monster Hunter film will begin production this September. The film will star Milla Jovovich, and is directed by Paul W. S. Anderson and producer Jeremy Bolt. The film will be shot in South Africa, in and around Cape Town.

“Monster Hunter” is based, like “Resident Evil,” on a Capcom property. On Wednesday the Japanese developer and game publisher announced that “Monster Hunter: World” is its best-selling game of all time, shipping 7.9 million copies since its late January release.

“Monster Hunter” is envisioned as a film series: “We are in the business of brand creation,” Moszkowicz said.


9 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Movie Goes Into Production Starting September”

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  2. Was this that script where it is about some kids that get sucked into another world, or something like that?

    The idea of a Monster Hunter Movie SHOULD be exciting … but Hollywood is just Soo BAD at making Movies based on Game Franchises, it is guarateed that this will suck.

    Don’t blemish One Of my favorite Game Series with a TERRIBLE Movie Capcom. … Please just Stop … ABORT!

  3. No, no. Put Paul & Milla on a NEW Resident Evil movie that rectifies some of the bullshit of the last Resident Evil movie, like the “Let’s kill Wesker using a door!” bullshit! I also want to see Jill, Chris, Leon, & Ada back on the fucking screen together with Claire & Alice!

    1. Not gonna happen. They already announced that they’re rebooting the Resident Evil movies. It will be like the Milla movies never happened.

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