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Owlboy For Nintendo Switch Made A Profit Within 24 Hours Of Launch

One of the developers behind the platform-adventure video game Owlboy has recently participated in an Ask Me Anything thread. One of the things revealed is the developer D-Pad Studio is extremely pleased with sales of the Nintendo Switch version of the game which made a profit within 24 hours of its launch on the eShop.

“We don’t have numbers from remaining platforms yet, but ‘Owlboy’ turned a profit within 24h of it’s launch on the Switch alone, taking us by complete surprise! @o@ It bodes really well for funding our future projects.”


14 thoughts on “Owlboy For Nintendo Switch Made A Profit Within 24 Hours Of Launch”

    1. I only played celeste of those. It’s pretty good. I could also recommend shantae if you haven’t tried it. Blaster master zero is also very good. Lots of good indies on Switch.

  1. The thing with the switch is, it has less users (expected 30 million units by december 2018). But it has a small game library compared to the PS4 or Xbox. That means, even though you have less buyers, you also have less competition as well. The switch can be good for non-AAA titles, developers should take note.

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  3. They need some serious profit to keep making games in Norway. They started Owlboy in the garage to the Mother of one of them to get it done. It so expensive here.

    1. Wow yea, I looked it up. Average home price is about $312k USD in Norway and the Average household income is only $51k USD. Whereas in the United States the average home price is $188k USD and the Average household income is $59k. A home is actually affordable at $59k in the U.S. if you buy older used cars and a $188k house is actually a large size with 3-4 bedrooms, a garage, is a standalone house with about a 1/4 acre yard. We can actually buy used cars in the U.S. because there’s no taxes on them, just a yearly $40 registration for every car. It doesn’t matter if you have a large 1/2 ton pickup or a small mini cooper, the fee’s are the same.

      1. Wow yes, that’s insane. $8 for a gallon of milk. $13 for a mcdonalds menu combo. Nearly $7 for a gallon of gas. $36k for a toyota corolla. How do you people expect to live like that????? With less average income and higher cost of living. The only solace I can give you is, at least you’re better off than Venezuela. Their inflation is so high that 1 piece of gold in World of Warcraft is actually worth more than their own currency. That’s how bad it is.

      2. i don’t know where you live in the usa but i have a 14 year old pickup and it costs over $100 to register it. do you have a moped or something?

      3. Every state is different in their registration fees. But all, aside from maybe california, are significantly cheaper than most European countries that charge based on engine displacement and pollution levels. Registration fees can be from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per year. My coworker lives in the netherlands, he told me it costs him over $2000 per year to drive his old volvo diesel wagon.

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