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Rumour: New Pokemon Games For Nintendo Switch Will Focus On Pokemon From Kanto

Last week we heard what could be the first details of the upcoming Pokemon games on the Nintendo Switch. Those games are apparently titled Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee. The individual who leaked these details has seemingly returned and said that both of these games will initially focus on Kanto Pokemon like Pokemon GO did when it launched.

32 thoughts on “Rumour: New Pokemon Games For Nintendo Switch Will Focus On Pokemon From Kanto”

    1. Post- game content will probably have version specific pokemon from other regions, probably shed- loads of legendaries as well.

    1. Can’t please everyone. Each generation you win some you loose some. It always balances out.

    2. I don’t think this one will be true and if it is I’m sure you’ll still be able to transfer newer Pokémon over. All past remakes gave you the ability to use any new Pokémon.

  1. I don’t see any problem about remake because I still can’t see Ash enter to the Aloha league this year (anime).
    They usually make a new generation when they finish the pokemon anime season (JAPAN) or also 6 – 3 months before the new series starts.

  2. Can we stop catering to Gen 1 losers? People don’t want only Gen1 Pokemon, if Eevee is a starter you can only use less than half of it’s evolution’s and leaves out the two that fans love the most in Espeon and Umbreon, not only that but Pokemon like Golbat and Magneton won’t be able to reach their third forms during the main story.

    1. I think you’re underestimating (and needlessly insulting) the nostalgia crowd. I’ve played a bunch of Pokemon after Red/Blue, but that was my first. Starting with the very first episode, I woke up every morning before fifth grade to watch the show (that was a big deal). We never had much money, so when my mom brought home Red (the one I wanted, she didn’t even ask!), I was shocked. Games were usually a Christmas or Birthday thing. It was the first game that I dumped countless hours into. I mowed lawns to buy the cards. Rented Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Snap. I knew all 151, probably in order. I got a little older, skipped Gold and Silver, probably because I decided it was kids stuff. I came back and played Sapphire, Pearl, White, and X. I like Pokemon. The games have never really changed enough for me to buy a new one every release, have probably needed an update to the combat system for years, but I’m into them when I play. Each gen has had a few Pokemon that I like. But absolutely no generation will ever come close to what Gen 1 meant to me. I lived and breathed those Pokemon. Everyone in my school did too. And now, the Switch has been selling like hotcakes with all my friends (now parents) that have disposable income, TVs that are often in use by the kids, and a whole lot of nostalgia for Nintendo.

      So would I enjoy a game that just had those Pokemon that I loved? Darn tootin’. My kids are going to be old enough to share it with even. Am I loser because I’d enjoy a game you wouldn’t? Grow up.

  3. I’ve been remaining optimistic, but if this specific rumor is true, a lot of my excitement is crushed. Gen 1 is only about 20% of Pokemon and is by far the least interesting generation. That’s not meant as a criticism, as it’s a great starting point that let the rest of the series happen. But limited us to Pokémon that we’ve already been using for 20 years is not how to advance a series. It would be really cool to go through Kanto with access to all 7 generations, it would make the experience totally new. I just don’t understand this decision at all and hope it’s not true.

    1. I’d be down for all 7 gens in Kanto, especially if it meant Kanto got huge. But that’s A LOT of art and animation for a team that’s never done HD and is trying to release this year.

  4. Also I hope they make new areas (if is a remake) so that it makes kanto more interesting for the ones who have played the first game and the remakes (l didn’t played the Red and Blue remakes, so I don’t know if there was new things in those games and I don’t remember much about the kanto from the Gold and Silver remakes though I did beat that game.

  5. New age ungrateful whack bs. Generation 1 is where this all started.

    GENWUNNER 4 life, put it on my headstone.

    So far i’m not impressed, but hopefully this is some tactic to keep people off track. There’s been some bit of rumor regarding the new games, which turned out to be false. Honestly it’s all pretty moot if they kill off the 3DS line of games.

  6. >Red and Blue play a role in the story, you and your rival are new trainers
    I stopped reading there. If that’s true, not even Mega Raichu will convince me to get this game. R.I.P. Pokemon.

  7. I really hope these rumors (GO inspiration especially) are false like the Pokémon Stars rumors. Why? Because I’m afraid of what it would do to the series.

    The main series has nothing to “learn” from GO, as GO is just a heavily simplified version of the main series. This works for a play-for-a-couple-minutes smartphone game, but this is far from the depth of any main Pokémon game. If that were to be taken away, it would remove my (and many other’s) enjoyment from the series.

  8. Good. If the game takes place in Kanto then it would only make sense for it to focus on the original 151. Just like all the other remakes I’m sure you will be able to catch pokemon from other generations after completing the campaign.

  9. The only thing that matters to me is if it will have a big open world with online support , other people walking around and atleast breath of the wild style graphics or even allot better cause Zelda is a WII U game. Pretty much Zelda,Witcher,Skyrim, Monster hunter world inspired and than a online pokemon game.

    Probally gonna get dissapointed , been waiting for this type of game for over 15 years though. Same for my nephew and we spend thousands of hours on this game so we got a pretty good idea what we want out of a console Pokemon.

    I bet its just a slightly upgraded Handheld version though with mediocre graphics and the same type of world, instead of beeing huge and open.

  10. These games keep sounding worse and worse as the rumors come in. A remake of Kanto incorporating Pokémon Go featuring only Kanto Pokémon…what’s the point of even buying it then? Just to see old Pokémon on a tv screen? This better not be true

  11. “…will focus on Pokémon from Kanto.”

    Pokémon from Kanto… Kantonian forms for newer gen Pokémon confirmed? Lol

  12. If that 4chan post is true, about connectivity and similarities with Pokémon Go, this sounds terrible. This is turning out to be the death of the mainline Pokémon series, but I hope I’m proven wrong.

    1. Also, if they’re taking inspiration from GO… what if that means they start out with the original gen, and then add the other gens to the game over time?
      I think that’d be a great way to do it.
      There ARE some things GO did that could be put into the mainline series without destroying it. How about no more random encounters too? Let us actually track and see what we’re going to battle. The grindy nature of pokemon games is too much for me personally. After the story is finished, I rarely go back to it. I think it’s time for Pokemon to change things up. It’s been largely the same for a long time.

  13. I emailed Emily Rogers and Laura Kate Dale to stop with these Silly Rumours that are not at all believable about the Next Core Pokemon Games being Pokemon GO styled. The whole point of a New Generation of Pokemon is to introduce more Pokemon than there is already, along with a New Region to explore and new aspects to introduce.

    1. Thank Goodness there’s good hints and leaks out there already as to what the Next Pokemon Region will probably be:
      And sometime in Gen VII we are due to have Remakes of the Sinnoh Games, remakes of previous Pokemon adventures are indeed still a thing:

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