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NPD: The Labo Had “Solid Debut Month Sales” That Were “Certainly Not Fantastic And Definitely Not Terrible'”

The latest NPD data has been released. This time, the data is for April 2018. April ended up being a major success for Sony, thanks to God of War. However, April wasn’t quiet for Nintendo, either. thanks to the release of the Labo. The Toy-Con 01 Variety Kit made it to #4 on the Top 20 NPD software chart, and the Toy-Con 02 Robot Kit was at #21. NPD analyst Mat Piscatella had some things to say about the Labo’s launch.

According to VentureBeat, Piscatella says that the Labo’s launch “met his predictions, resulting in ‘solid debut month sales —certainly not fantastic and definitely not terrible'”. Piscatella also said that “the story for Labo will really be told in the months leading to Q4 and, of course, in holiday. I think the April sales set a solid foundation, and I don’t think anything in the April data suggests anything more than that. The market jury is certainly still out. It continues to be something very difficult to analyze and predict, certainly”.


5 thoughts on “NPD: The Labo Had “Solid Debut Month Sales” That Were “Certainly Not Fantastic And Definitely Not Terrible'””

  1. Well no wonder. The Walmart in my town hasn’t even managed to figure out how to put the Labo boxes on display! It’s not like it’s been out for like a month or anything…

  2. So Labo was a dud. I was one of those who believed it would set the world on fire.
    Oh well… At least Smash has taken up that responsibility of igniting players.

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