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Team Sonic Racing For Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

SEGA and Sumo Digital have finally revealed Team Sonic Racing which was actually leaked by Walmart earlier today. The company has released a short teaser trailer which looks rather nice but doesn’t feature any actual gameplay. Regardless, the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch at the end of the year and should be available to pre-order now according to the trailer.


18 thoughts on “Team Sonic Racing For Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer”

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  2. Sony ruin Gran turismo singleplayer (gt sport is Only multiplayer, without serious career mode). I love every Mario kart games and of course i own mk8deluxe but, i real need serious Gran turismo, Forza clone for nintendo Switch. Maibe project cars 2?? V rally 4?? How long i must wait..

  3. Well if it’s by teams, you probably get your established teams like Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Eggman (likely comprised of Eggman, Metal Sonic and now Infinite), Team Rose, Team Chaotix, Team Babylon, and Team Outliers (Silver, Blaze, and maybe Sticks?)? Maybe even a Team Archives now with Mighty, Ray, and Fang or something. Hey, I can dream.

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  5. I knew it would be like Allstars. Those games rocked so I’m all up for this next title. Shadow is smiling bc he will finally be in a good game after quite some time.

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