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The Nintendo Switch Firmware Has Been Updated To Version 5.1.0

Nintendo has released a brand new update for the Switch’s firmware. This brings the firmware to version 5.1.0. However, there is nothing really special about this update. In fact, the only thing that Nintendo says in the official patch notes is that they have made “general system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience”. So, nothing new was added.


16 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch Firmware Has Been Updated To Version 5.1.0”

      1. I have 2 real ones. But I want a “dock” that’s not a dock, but rather maybe a USB-C cable with some ports for charger, USB-A, and an HDMI cable. It’ll make it easier to plug in the switch with my case attached to it, and easier to keep in my backpack instead of the big dock.

      2. [i]DukePassMasters: Mine can also slide in without problems, so I thought it’s straight, however when I detached joy-cons and laid it on flat surface (desk), it was obvious that it’s slightly bent so that there’s little space between the Switch and the surface on right side.[/i]

      3. I have a silicon cover with grips, It’s a hassle to uninstall and reinstall it every time i need to dock. I’d much rather have a dock that’s just a USB-C connector cable, so I can lay my switch on the tv stand and just plug it in, I don’t care if it physically docks to something. I just need something to charge it, and provide HDMI output.

      1. That’s not true, nintendo changed something in software with their power management/video USB-C transceiver IC. So if they can change software which caused 3rd party docks to brick units, then they can certainly do something to make sure 3rd party docks don’t brick the IC like the version 5.0 software brought. They need to test their product with 3rd party accessories. My company does that and our machines cost over $300k, so no customer would be happy if a software update caused a 3rd party accessory to not work, let alone brick out machines.

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