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You Can Now Get The Racing Helmet & Racing Outfit In Super Mario Odyssey

We have some Super Mario Odyssey news to share with you. This time, it is not a Hint Art announcement. Nintendo has added a brand new costume to the game. You can now get the Racing Helmet and Racing Outfit. However, getting the entire costume will cost you a lot of coins. The Helmet costs 3,000 coins, and the Outfit will cost you 5,000 coins.

Source: Super Mario Odyssey

10 thoughts on “You Can Now Get The Racing Helmet & Racing Outfit In Super Mario Odyssey”

  1. I don’t know why these endgame suits cost sooo damn much. It’s like Nintendo is trying to artificially extend the lifespan of Odyssey by putting us through an insane coin grind. Why don’t you give us new levels, or a character unlock that radically changes the gameplay or something.

    1. Technically it’s not endgame content because these costumes are optional. Even if you don’t have the dlc costumes, you’ll still have a star by your hat and suit counter, if you collected all of the ones that are already in the game to begin with.

    2. They just probably want more people to play Luigi Balloons, I don’t blame them, at least I get to play the game some more, without making up crazy challenges.

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