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Europe: Nintendo Switch Mega Man 11 Will Be A Digital Only Release

Interestingly it has been revealed today that Capcom has absolutely no plans for a physical edition of Mega Man 11 on the Nintendo Switch in Europe, according to The Nintendo Channel. The developer also explained to the publication that they have no announcement to make regarding the special Mega Man 11 amiibo in Europe, so that might only be for North American consumers. If the site is indeed correct, then this will all come as bad news for European Mega Man fans.



30 thoughts on “Europe: Nintendo Switch Mega Man 11 Will Be A Digital Only Release”

  1. … It’s barely been 3 months (maybe 3 is too generous?) since Shibata left his post at NOE & bad luck for them already!? Well NOE post-Shibata isn’t off to a great start.

      1. Shibata was the CEO of NOE before he left the company to go to The Pokemon Company. As Kantenstain mentioned, NOE is in charge of what games can come to the Switch in Europe. This is as much a mistake on Capcom as it is on NOE as they could have offered to shoulder the burden on paying for a physical release. It’s time some of these Nintendo people quit putting 100% of the blame on 3rd parties & realize Nintendo has a sometimes big, sometimes small part to play in games releasing to THEIR systems.

      2. Only very theoretically, though. I just don’t think it’s reasonable to expect Nintendo to publish every game themselves that third parties aren’t willing to. Publishers would just abuse the shit out of that if they did. They can’t just put their responsibility off at Nintendo. Capcom is a big enough publisher to easily be able to afford a physial release themselves, so it’s really difficult to see this as anything else but their fault. If they were a small indie developer, then maybe, but they aren’t.

        1. It’s not a theory but a fact. All games have to pass some quality test set by Sony, Microsoft, & Nintendo. 3rd parties (both big & indie) can’t just go throwing their game on their systems all willy-nilly. It’s pure denial to think Nintendo doesn’t have a say in what comes to their system, what doesn’t come, and exactly how it comes. Especially when the cartridges for the Switch is something Nintendo partly develops & thus owns. Every game that comes to the Switch physical is money in Nintendo’s own pocket. Capcom, EA, indies, & every other company that releases their games on the Switch physical have to pay Nintendo to use their game cards.

      3. I literally work as a game programmer, so how game submissions work is no secret to me. What I actually said is that all of this is completely irrelevant for this matter. Capcom not releasing Mega Man 11 physical in Europe is their decision and has nothing to do with Nintendo denying them a submission. Capcom aren’t exactly strangers to not releasing games as physical versions in certain territories if they think they can maximize profit that way. They already did something similar with Ace Attorney, Okami and previous Mega Man games. They’re going digital-only solely for financial reasons, not because Nintendo denied them a physical release.

    1. Yeah, pay like 50$ in transport then add 25% of the total sum of everything xP No thanks. Gotta be a pretty hardcore fan to do that, but I can tell plenty of people will do that.

    2. Or not, Amazon US refuses to allow me to import the game, PS4 and Xbox One copies perfectly fine to import just not switch

  2. Crapcom at it again. They’re doing this over and over again… just like with Okami for Switch

  3. Good thing I don’t live in Europe. Even if I did, that wouldn’t bother me. There’s no way I’m getting Megaman 11 on anything but a Nintendo console.

  4. What about North America? Will North America get a physical Mega Man 11 on the Switch? I doubt it, since the Switch is always getting screwed over. I just bought the two Mega Man Legacy Collection games on the PS4 after finding out that you have to download the second game digitally on Switch. What’s up with that?

  5. If NA isn’t getting a physical copy I just will have to skip this game , I really wanted to purchase it but I don’t do digital games

  6. I hope somebody found capcom members childs and slowly and painfully kill them!!! Now i hard HATE capcom.. this need blood. I feel i must hurt capcom.

  7. Ok, If capcom dont need mine money i steal this game and play it illegal. Yes i definitely buy Switch hack especially for pirate play capcom games. Im awfully sorry every money i Pay capcom in the past. Dont repeat this errancy again in future. Hope capcom failed and financial ruin soon..

    will not be supporting any of their games any longer if these bad practices continue
    (they can even keep Monster Hunter)

  9. Just tried to import a copy from Amazon US to the UK, normally their global service works just fine, not with Mega Man 11 though, can import a PS4 and Xbox One copy, but not Switch, same story on Amazon Japan… Don’t care how good the game is, skipping it due to crap business practices from multiple companies

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