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Konami’s E3 2018 Exhibitor Section Lists 2 Untitled Nintendo Switch Games

Konami‘s support for the Nintendo Switch is far from over. According to the company’s official E3 2018 exhibitor section, there are 2 untitled Nintendo Switch games that will be at the expo. One is an Action/Adventure title, and the other is a compilation. There is nothing else on the site mentioned. We will just have to wait for E3 to find out what the games are.


34 thoughts on “Konami’s E3 2018 Exhibitor Section Lists 2 Untitled Nintendo Switch Games”

    1. The only studio that should make a new Castlevania is the one from Dark Souls and Bloodborne. In the past I really liked God of War as a good example for modern Castlevania but Dark Souls and Bloodborne = Castlevania really. Shame that the franchise never really made it out of the 2d style very well.

  1. Interesting! I wouldn’t mind a long lost port of CastleVania lords of Shadows 1&2. However it would also be super hopeful wishing that they actually do something with their silent hill IP

  2. I don’t know if I care or not. I really just wanna know the release dates for Smash Bros. and Octo Expansion.

    Oh, and the Smash Roster. If someone from ARMS isn’t in Smash I’m gonna be actually mad lol.

      1. You totally should! As someone who paid $60 for ARMS on launch day, I can say with 100% certainty that I have never regretted it ever.

        Going back to Smash Bros, if they picked an ARMS fighter, it’d most likely be Spring Man. He’s pretty much the face of the game at this point.

    1. Suprised as well.
      I will welcome Twin Snakes and Castlevania with my arms opened wide.
      But I think that we’ll get only PES and some worth nothing shit.

      1. It says action/adventure and a compliation so I don’t think PES fits into either of those descriptions. They already announced PES a few weeks ago anyway and there was no Switch version

  3. If switch got any metal gear I might be in, but an hd twin snakes or just the first solid sounds awesome, and castlevania rumors have floated around since bomberman saw recent success

  4. Action/adventure? Is it too much to hope it’s a Goemon game? I’ll take an HD remaster of Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon!

    As for the compilation, an HD remaster of the N64 Bomberman games.

  5. I’ll just start throwing my credit card at shops with excitement if any Metal Gear Solid comes to the Switch. But if it’s MGS V, I think I’ll go bankrupt.

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  7. Hoping for that the compilation is Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection and the “action/adventure” title is Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience. And give us Snake in Smash 5.

  8. Praise the heavens! We must be getting Castlevania NES collection and Pachinko Maker ! (Sounds about right from today’s Konami 😋)

    What I hope for is MGS collection and Symphony of the Night HD at least

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